Customer Witness - 100 Users As One Witness - Apply To Become Member Of The Team That Wins - Day #3

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This is a great success as users massively recognize the idea of ​​making Witness and Votingbot for users. We invest 100% of profits in the opening of Steemit schools all over the world. We want to accomplish a great mission for all users, to bring together true visionaries and investors who want Steemit to have 100,000,000 users. When we create a team of 100 people working together for the same goal, we have the power to become influential on other Steemit users. I was poor, now I want to help everyone who wants to do great things, we need creative people who will give their maximum in programs, arts, investments, marketing. Everyone who knows how to install a witness server, who knows how to make the voting bot are welcome. Everyone who sees the Steemit vision as their future are welcome, we will all become one Witness together. The first 20 Witness people make a big profit of $ 500,000 to $ 1,000,000 a year, and I want to invest my entire profits in opening the Steemit School all over the world. For us to succeed, we need the users' voices, for us it is an honor to serve honorably and to help millions of people to join our Steemit family.

My wish is that quality is at the very top of the blogging world, and this can be achieved if we give a new direction to move to Steemit. My idea is to gather people from different fields (developers, marketing people, investors, artists) because in this way we can support the development of talented users.


The project contains more details :

Witness project

  • 100 users become one witness under one username
  • 40% of profits are being diverted to open the Steemit Schools all over the world
  • 40% of profits are allocated for the prize at the Steemit Ultimate Challange ( 2000 SBD + from witness profit )
  • 20% of the money is used to develop witness servers and technical support.
  • All Witness members are promoted to the Steemit Ultimate Challange as sponsors and witnesses

Votingbot Project :

  • The goal is to give 97% to the users, only 3% are separated for promotion and maintenance.
  • Investors will get the best offer for delegated voting power.
  • The votingbot serves to support and promote the witness and new users.

Steemit Schools Project :
The goal is to open at least one school in each country because people do not know what the new currency is, how it is used, how to advance to Steemit, etc. I opened the first school as an example in Macedonia, now I want to help open schools in other countries. People want to have one place where they gather, to feel belonging to a certain group of people who are successful. When the number of users increases, then Steem's value grows, the goal is to show people how they can win poverty. Each school will promote investors and witness, this is a very large marketing that will bring great publicity to all Steemians.

All users who want to become part of the team should indicate their skills and abilities in the place for comment.
We need programmers, promoters, motivators, artists, investors, etc. It will be an honor for me to see that this project has succeeded, I believe in myself, you and God who is my biggest support.

See details about project from my partner @learnandgrow

The main question is how can you help in this project?
Contact me on Discord Channel -

Steemit School 5.jpg
Steemit School 3.jpg

See you on the top
Believe in yourself @dobartim


It's an awesome project. I am interested in being involved. I could help with writing our visions, aims, philosophies, etc. and formatting certain posts, potentially.

I usually don't take on too many responsibilities because I am afraid to fall short of my duties, but I think if we have many people who can share the tasks it should be manageable.

I absolutely want Steemit to grow to 100 million users. I admire you greatly @dobartim for the success you achieved and the hard work and vigor you approach life with. It is my dream to grow to 1 million USD worth, so I can dedicate fully to the expansion of consciousness of humanity.

Money is the game of density and strife, and it is the game in which I wish to be a victor who shares the spoils with as many as I can. That is why I love Steemit where I can give directly through my upvote. I will contact you soon on Skype and we can discuss further. Thanks for doing so much for the Steem community my friend!!


For me , project need you. You are in the main bord in our team my great and honest friend. Please cantact me on skype - username dobartim or on discord channel for this project

This is a good project. I think you need to get your project out there so that the Whales on Steemit can support you. You can gain their attention by using the following tags in your post. #steemit #promo-steem #jerrybanfield #proposals . Keep up the great work @dobartim

Nice Work

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See you on the top

Very generous and decent. Schools are a very good idea, we need them and i fully support that.

I'm so happy when i see people that actualy contribute back to community and don't look only at their own gains.

You are a very good person and i respect you in every way.

Keep up the great work, i look up to you always.

Kind regards,
Anna, @arhitekt

Thanks a lot

This is an amazing idea! It’s beautiful to want to teach others about new roads that they can take to get out of poverty, and cryptocurrency and the Steemit platform is one of them. Providing a space where others can learn, be inspired and believe in themselves to showcase their creativity through the Steemit platform makes me heart jump with joy :)

Taka a part and be active

Terima kasih atas pengalaman terbesar ini, saya siap mendukung asalkan anda tidak keberatan dan anda hasus memperjuangkan proyek berkualitas ini.
Saya senang punya orang seperti anda mau membuka peluang bisnis terbesar ini, saya selalu mengikuti jejak langkah anda, Terima kasih @dobartim

It's a great idea to start a steemit learning school, congratulations on this success :)
Do you offer these lessons online too so we can involve?

I was thinking about opening a Steemit workshop similar to your idea of a Steemit School in Croatia but we don't have nearly enough funds to do it here.

Would you be interested in cooperating together to make that dream possible? Me and @enjoyinglife would run the school and do all the promotional work necessary to make it happen.


This all makes WAY TOO MUCH SENSE @dobartim! People are surely skeptical, likely because of that. I am not. I have seen what you do on here and it absolutely produces rock star results. I love the lady on the far left in the picture, probably a delightful lady. She has her arms crossed. I can almost see the gears moving in her head; A group of people--decentralized, not mining my data, not trying to sell me really anything, what's the catch? I can answer that question for @dobartim ma'am: You the valued consumer of the steemit platform are the catch for a mutually sustainable vision by people far smarter than you or I. Thanks for passing along the idea @dobartim, great thoughts!

Thank you for big support


@dobartim this is an awesome project that will go along way to promote and bring more users to steemit. I wish I could do more now to support this project, but will support in any way I could. Currently, I'm planning to print handbills to promote steemit in my community and I think I can help in marketing area and graphic designs.

Take a part from this project

this is the best project

Welcome to Steemit

A lovely project, good luck and a lot of help from above will get you there.

that is a good idea.

very interesting and helpful
I think motivated.
greetings @dobartim from me @jandika

this is such an amazing project, wish you all the best.

Thank you very much

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That is great work. Will follow you and would love tips from you

Welcome to Steemit

Awesome initiative well done, it's great to see people working so hard at something they are passionate about.

That's a good idea! ;)

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Nice Post!

You really a nice person. You are very compassionate in helping other people.

Thank you very much

Amazing ! Steemit rocks everywhere !

Welcome to Steemit

Very Good Amazing the Project

Wow wow wow. This is grand. I love this project and I will love to be a part of it. To the growth of steam and steemit. Cheers

This is really a goid project @dobartim

Take a part, we wait you

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this is one of the great idea, steemit promotion every side of the world

Thank you for support

Im very interisted this project, good luck brother @dobartim

Welcome to Steemit

Great project! Congratz!

Lovely idea mate. I wish you all the best success!

Welcome to Steemit, Thank you very much

Great project. I would like to join your team. Following, vpvoted and resteemed. Have a nice day.

great to see old folks there keenly listening to what you have to say. very impressive and I support your initiative.

Thank you very much

You were wonderful, how can I get Vote from you?

We work on Witness server

I'm so in. Victory is assured

Great idea.... I like to learn more about it.


Amazing job! Glad to see more people spreading information about steemit, about the community and hard work people put into there content here. I'm impressed. Steem on my friend!!!!!!!!

Thanks for nice words

haha underrated !

really good project.

Good jop friend.
I like your post

Best luck from India

Welcome to our family

accomplishment & elated!

Very Well done Sir, and very clear vision. i want to be a part of this family...thanks

You are welcome

greats..... congratulation...

Thank a lot

This is what I love about Steemit, the spirit of mutual aid.

I hope to learn more, and eventually be in a position to create opportunity.

Of course, believe in yourelf

nice one keep it up. love your courage.

Impressive invest really, the team seems beautiful , i expect a bright futur for you great job

Thank you very much

I was really proud of you. I wish success on the project.

Thank you very much

Muy buen trabajo con tu proyecto. Me encanto la idea. Felicitaciones!

What an awseome vision and i think that you are spot on with combining 100 people with all kinds of different qualities into one witness.

I think this project may very well surprise us. You got my follow @dobartim!

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cash is .jpg

Thank you very much

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Excellent project @dobartim, that is why I dwelled more, I did not know that there was a school etiquette of steemit, this fish tank is so wide, that we fell short, of the diversity that we have here a follower for you, in Venezuela.

Welcome to our family

Thanks for sharing i will done upvote I always see your post

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Vayyyy arkadaş okul açmışlar. Tebrikler. Başarılar.

good job friend... nice post and now i am follow you

Welcome to Steemit

hola, sr. @dobartin, se ve muy interesante su proyecto, me gustaría ser una de ustedes, ya que soy un poco nueva en esta comunidad y me gustaría aprender un poco mas. me gusta el arte, la creatividad... espero que su proyecto se eleve al máximo.

The project will go a long way in taking this community to the next level. I know it required some efforts but the song of victory will be the outcome. Keep it up with the good job @dobartim

Thank you very much

This is my dream,too. To start a Steemit school here in our country which I will call "Steemit Academy." Would you help me do it? Thanks for the inspiration @dobartim

Yes, be active on discord channel

Every great thing started small Hi steemit community I am Marvelous Asiana and I have been a beneficiary of steemit and it has elevated me from financial crisis. As a student you require alot of money for a smooth sailing of your academics and so I was looking for a means to express my self and at the same time make money through it, Then some friends told and convinced me about steemit @Ehondorhumble and @Otunjievidence So I decided to give it a try and walla! the outcome was beautiful so I thought to myself that it would be nice if everyone on campus knew steemit. This is where my the journey of spreading the steemit news began. So I drafted a plan.
I assembled a group of students To go round campus to talk to freshers or you may say newly admitted students about steemit showing them proof and I sponsored this using my first steemit dollars and Amazingly we were able to talk to a number of Old and new students like an average of 1000 students. We could have done more but Funds where limited. l want to also liaise with the student union government So I will be able to put up bill boards and posters Round school to make people aware of steemit, you know what you see often has a way of reflecting in your mind so definitely they will give in to it. With this plan I can

  1. Make steemit known to every student
    2.create room for young investors of steemit
    3.elevate students from financial crisis

We have an average of 35,000 Student in school and all them could be potential steemit members if they could be reached. I am seeking 1000 steem dollars to be able to achieve my plans With the amount above am sure I will be able reach more than an average student
Every upvote will be used directly for this project and every feedback, progress and success story will be shared on steemit @budget
Proud steemian

Follow me

@minnowsupport @curie @ocd @acid-yo @adsactly @teamsteem @fyrstikken @eco-train @eco-alex @joeparys @jerrybanfield @postpromoter
Please upvote and resteem thanks

Be part of our project

Wow interesting. I should join then

good work its my pleasure to be a part of your team

Thank you very much

Welcome to Steemit

that an great business nice posting @dobartim

I would love to be part of it

Welcome to discord channel

Thanks for the opportunity

good activity that is.i appreciate this educative work about the this one day the success will come
carry on dear

Thank you very much

Great man! I cant help as a leader but I will learn more n more as much as I can. Expecting a school in Pakistan too. All the best for new projects. Count me in. Cheers!

I love your proposal very initiating and interesting I would like to have more information greetings I follow you!

Muy buena iniciativa....

Wow....this is visionary 100million wow..
Is it possible? Yes...Will it be easy? No ! Can we do it? Yes...very possible and am in. However, I feel the first task is seeing to the task of making Steemit more user friendly with the interface. It was so hetic trying to get use to it, am sure if this is fixed, it will be easier to retain active users. Thanks for this laudable dream.

Sounds like a really good idea. I want to learn more and give support. Togetter we can make steem the greatest.
2018-02-23 22.48.29.png

awesome project. you really knows that education is very important,and many people lack education. this project is really great! keep it up and God bless :)

good photo I'm interested in seeing it is really amazing, thanks for sharing ...... @marzukirizki

nice bro
i liket its event 😎😎

Svidja mi se ideja. Imas moj glas za projekat. Ziveli

I cant wait to unveil my dreams; we will definitely work together. Thanks for coming up with such an impacting concept.


This is pretty amazing and I am so thrilled to get to be a part of this. I know this is something that's going to be huge, like record-breaking, life changing huge, and I couldn't be happier that I am here. I hope with dolls hope I can learn to be a great blogger, who can produce quality content to help everyone everywhere. Maybe even one day go bigger and do more with my skills I will aquire here Thanks to yall!! 😁♨. 3 months ago I didn't even really know the word cryptocurrency and now I am HOOKED. I have already learned so much and I barely even broke the surface, because there is still so much more to know! ♨😎

i will love to be part of this project, i can help making translations for spanish people, any help i can give just let me know !