The Steemit community is paying for my breakfast!!!steemCreated with Sketch.

in travel •  last year

I used to think that I needed to work to earn the money to pay for my things, and now the world is upside down and I only need to share what I want. Vote for me, have more people vote for me and then I have "earned it".

Thank you @dantheman thank you @ned for making this possible!

Isn't this CrAzY?

This is coming form diluting the money from people who have not "powered up" their steem... And I'd feel better if this money was coming from the advertisements being sold by the #Steemitcommunity, but this is the way things are now and I must thank you all who make it possible!!!

Cheers and enjoy your #steeming!!!
I'll probably post more but my holiday to help pay for it ;)

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Looks good, yummy

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Voted, maybe, enough for gravy for breakfast :) Bon appetit!

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Great Post :)
thank you for sharing
Upvoted & Followed

Hello flyingmind

It really is crazy good isn't it?!

Personally I have never been this excited about anything before as I am thrilled about Steemit. To be a full time Steemian must be a dream come true.

Steemit is a combination of several things I love:

Being your own boss
Earning money from creative output
Being part of a great community
Being paid to think
Being paid to help others

This is an amazing time to be alive!

Take care flyingmind and thank you for your inspiration.

right on point, pictures look yummy and mouth watering. wish i was on holiday with you right now,lol.

Right on!!! Keep up the good vibes & bon appetit!


@flyingmind, I want to point out that you vote for pikokernel who is not active anymore for a long time. You can make dreams come true if you vote for me... I am new and active.. see my latest witness update. Thank you so much. I see you are not that active but you can change a life by just voting for me


I found you because I am investing a lot here in the form of technical knowledge, time, creativity and tech hardware as I am now a witness for Steem and I noticed that you are voting for @picokernel - but that picokernel's witness server is offline and of no use to Steem (for quite a long time as far as I can tell).
I would really appreciate if you would support me with a vote to give me a chance to show what I can do for Steem and Steemit. I have a long background in software engineering and also in running social networks.

My witness application post is here.


Great flyingmind! hope your meal and dinner too!

You can follow my profile too! I just posted a picture of myself drinking the Gym Water! check my post! by the way am living in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico @cosmicboy123 at you service.

Great article, @flyingmind. Yes, it is wonderful what @dantheman and @ned have put together. Yes, I'd like to see ads someday and I'm thinking that some witnesses and/or whales are considering what that would involve. For now, I'm very pleased with it. Thank you, @flyingmind for your contribution! Upvoted for you @ 100%!

Wow... this food looks very good... Can I have one too ? :)
And I use steem fot this.