Alligator Neighbors

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Alligators have been living in all the counties of Florida for centuries. They inhabit all marshes, rivers, lakes, and they love the swamps. If there is fresh water, you most likely have some alligator neighbors. Florida has many canals and most major golf courses have ponds. Many of the cities have an abundance of small lakes which are almost always home to a large number of alligators. All in all, there is almost 7 million acres of land that is a suitable habitat throughout the state.  Rarely does an alligator attack humans, but when it happens it is almost always near water. For safety, it is best to have at least 50 feet between you and a wild alligator.

This large adult alligator was sunning himself on the deck. Eventually he will get hungry and set off to find a meal made up of several good sized fish, snakes, smaller turtles, and maybe even small mammals that dare to run around the dock, and of course birds, that just happen to land near by are a excellent surprise.

This fellow is on the move. You can find him at the famous Gatorland near Orlando. For a short distance, it is hard to catch a gator on the move, as they can run quite fast for the first 20 feet or so. After that they seattle down and just amble through the marshland.  This young man has a full mouth of teeth and he is moving fast, as he is looking for a good meal. It is amazing to watch them hunt for insects and amphibians. If they are lucky to spot a small fish, they are in gator heaven. This big boy loved finding a small fish for his lunch. Like a growing child, he was not satisfied with just one and was out looking for another fish that just might be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was hungry and ready to pounce!

Gatorland is home to  thousands of different species of alligators. There are several species of crocodiles that also call Gatorland home.  This big boy is one of  four extremely rare white alligators. This adult male was one of the older members of the clan  and was enjoying a good sunbath on a very hot day. The white alligator is extremly rare and seldom ever found in the wild population. They seem to be much larger and their head is quite massive.

Gatorland is an excellent place to spend the day enjoying one of Florida's most amazing animals at a safe distance. They also have many averies of all the natural bird species found in this beautiful state. Take a minute and check out the snakes and other reptiles to be found on exhibit. But most of all, come on by and enjoy the many alligators and crocodiles that are our closest kin to the Dinosaurs of old. It's an amazing adventure waiting in Orlando, Florda. 

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Just don't swim in the canals! :O That while alligator is really neat looking. The place I have seen the most alligators ever is at Shark Valley in the Everglades National Park. There is a tram that goes around the 15-mile loop trail or you can rent bicycles. Riding a bike among the alligators lounging on the sun-warmed road in the winter is something to experience! I gave up counting after 200. Enjoy all your Orlando gators! : )

Love my florida gators!
Nature is amazing!
I follow you now my fellow Floridian :)
Steem on & thanks for sharing!

You have some series looking pets :-)

Why, thank you. We grow them big in Florida.

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