Valkenburg - The Kingdom of the Netherlands

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Walk around and visit the caves in Valkenburg

Located at the bottom of The Netherlands inside the province of Limburg is a place called Valkenburg. A special and beautiful location that has a lot of history on offer and an awesome cave system to explore using an old train cart fitted for tourists. Take a step back in time with the following photos and enjoy some the artistic displays that uplift the caves themselves.

Valkenburg 1.JPG

Valk 2.JPG

Valk 3.JPG

Valk 4.JPG

Valk 5.JPG

Valk 6.JPG

Valk 7.JPG

Valk 8.JPG

Valk 10.JPG

Valk 11.JPG

Thanks for taking the time to view Valkenburg, The Netherlands.



Thank you for this interesting post @flatrider.

Lovely photographs of this castle.

What a varied set of photographs....were these from different time periods?

Appreciate you stopping by.

All the best.


Thanks @bleujay, and they're not from different time periods, just old photos. Thanks again @bleujay!!! :-D

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