Visit with me! #14 - 💦"Aire" Ancient Baths 💦(Vallromanes, Spain)

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Hi my steemians friends,

Today, I want to share with you my amazing experience at the AIRE Ancient Baths Vallromanes!

The AIRE spaces are temples inspired by the tradition of the baths of ancient Roman, Greek and Ottoman civilizations. There are eight temples dedicated to relaxation in the world: SEVILLA, ALMERIA, BARCELONA, CHICAGO, NEW YORK, LONDON and PARIS!
I tested for you the one that is in the historical center of Barcelona and today I share with you my experience in VALLROMANES ancient baths.


In the heart of the mountain and only 30 km. far from Barcelona, this temple invites your mind and body to rest. It was built in an old country house dating back to 1497, making the experience even more authentic.

I invite you for a virtual trip through sensations that will take you beyond your imagination. A unique experience inspired by the Roman baths of ancient civilizations.

Are you ready for a virtual and relaxing visit my friends?

I arrived early to enjoy the sunny terrasse and the incredible view of the mountain. This site is an ecoresort composed of ancient baths (spa), a 5-star hotel and a gourmet restaurant, whose goal is to contribute to a more sustainable tourism, on the road to an ever greener economy.

When I arrived at this magical place, I was totally captivated by its atmosphere and beauty. As if time had stopped ...
After a good tea in front of the mountain, I headed to the spa for my massaged 45 minutes.

As soon as I crossed the door, I was transported to another world, that of relaxation and well-being.

There is a person who welcomes you in the locker room and gives you your pack with bathrobe, bath slippers, bath towel and locker key.

Then, once ready, I went to the bathing salon, where there is Mint tea and water at will. The masseurs came to get me for my massage.
You can choose between several types of massages. I chose a relaxing massage for 45 minutes and I did not see the weather so it was good ...

The masseurs are very professional and attentive. They ask you in which area of the body you are in pain and if there are areas to avoid.

Then, I went to visit the center and the staff explains the specificity of each bath.

There are baths of different sizes and temperatures. To begin, I tested the floating bath. It's an incredible sensation to you give yourself into the unrivaled sensation of floating. It was the first time I experienced this sensation and I really loved it!


Then I tested the bubble bath part of which is outside! With the night falling, you have an incredible view of a starry sky ... So romantic...


Then I tried the iced water baths. At first, I did not dare to go into the cold water but then you feel so well and refreshed.
And quickly I went to warm myself in the hot water bath! I love it! =D


After this relaxing session, I savored a good Moroccan mint tea and I finished my thermal expérience with the sauna and hammam.

In summary,

you can not visit Barcelona and Vallromanes without having discovered The Aire!
It is a perfect place for complete relaxation, alone, as a couple or with friends. The natural beauty of the place will leave you with no doubt an unforgettable memory of Barcelona.
If you do not live near Barcelona, do not forget that there are seven other temples like this one in the world, in SEVILLA, ALMERIA, VALLROMANES, CHICAGO, NEW YORK, LONDON and PARIS!

What do you think my friends? It makes you want to try ???

📌 Contacts:

Riera de Vallromanes, s/n, Vallromanes, 08188
+34 935 65 60 60

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Thank you for your support and see you soon!

FlaminGirl around the world!

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Great spot for some R&R. I would love to try that floating bath.

Awesome photography Great travels hope you enjoy it thanks for sharing awesome photography I love it hope you also visit my blog thanks

Thank you my friend! I just visited your blog and I voted your last post! The photos are beautiful, continue your efforts and they will be rewarded! =D

Thank you so much God bless you I always enjoy your post and find love from this community Thanks for appreciating

So nice post I want to go there and taking this baths

I like to travel, the nature of every point of the world is unique in its own way, o mountains it is not only beautiful but also the strength-power of nature. thanks for the photo.

You're welcome my friend =D

Great post and super pics

Yes I like this place a lot :)

I like this one pic , it's so calm and think to jump in. awesome @flamingirl

the trip is full of inspiration, the facilities are so upheld and so amazing. Nice @flamingirl

Es una buena forma de encontrarse uno mismo, pasar un tiempito y relajarnos para enfrentar los retos con toda las energias renovadas

Exactamente @franciscana23! Es muy importante para el cuerpo y la mente ;)


What a lovely photo!! thank you!!

You're welcome my friend =D

This sounds amazing @flamingirl! I love hot & cold water therapy. And the float bath looks like a huge version of a float tank. Have you floated in a tank before? That's an incredible experience.

No, what is it exactly?

Here's an article I wrote describing it and the benefits: