Paying For Flights With Cryptocurrency

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There are a handful of platforms that accept cryptocurrencies today if you are looking to book your flights and travel somewhere in the world. Personally i love accumulating Bitcoin and not so much spending it on a regular basis but it's great that we can pay for flights with crypto.

I know that it's not a new concept to pay for things with crypto but here's a short list of platforms that accept cryptocurrencies today towards your travel bookings. I am going to share this with my friends IRL who are new to cryptocurrency but are avid travellers, be sure you tell your friends too what they can do with their Bitcoin. Not everyone knows this is possible.


The most well known sites that accept cryptos for flight bookings are mostly CheapAir, Bitcoin.Travel, Travala, Destinia. Business travellers also have an option with CorpTraveller.

With AirTreks you can explore flight routes across the world and use their tripplanner feature to prepare your itinerary for travels lasting many months to a year.

Many of these platforms accept Bitcoin at the very least in addition to other cryptos. However, as Steem blockchain and crypto enthusiast I would love to see STEEM get accepted on these platforms someday in the future. With instant confirmation time and fee-less transfers it would be great for quick flight bookings.

If you've used these platforms or paid for travel with cryptocurrency please leave me some feedback in the comments below.

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It was a new information to me. :)


I'm glad you found it useful. :)

I do not like dealing with Bitquin, I expect it is unstable

Great information.

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Thanks for the info. Need to check that out. I didn't knew about it 🤔🤔🤔

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Not just that, if you also want to travel and at the same time working Crypto Nomad will be a fit. Read to know more about it here;

I can 100% vouch for CheapAir, have been using them almost exclusively for booking flights all over the place for the past while. Their UX is a lot better than some other travel websites, and customer support is pretty on point.

I'll have to give the other ones a shot, see if they work out - the only downside to CheapAir is they don't support some carriers (RyanAir isn't available through them last I checked) which can make some routes in Europe a bit more expensive.

Cool, didn't know this. Nice to see that the things with cryptocurrencies are developing pretty fast lately.

Thanks for this information.

Every time I see the new sphere of adopting cryptos I simultaneously see some new SMT being prepared to come out) Steem blockchain is so much universal and flexible that people using it can cover everything