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Kiteboarding is a very healthy sport

I am super happy with the progression I have done this year kiteboarding. I am able to do it alone now and I no longer need assistance from a kite spoter since april this year. I am super happy. This was a very nice weekend. These pictures are from my session this Saturday in Bahia Salinas, Costa Rica.

3.5 hour drive

To get to the kitebeach I have to take a drive for about 3.5 hours but that is no problem when the end result is this beautiful beach day and sport. I love kiteboarding because it teaches you a lot of positive things and it's a very friendly sport. It;s perfect.

Being able to be on the water in such a big area is amazing. Navigate the wind is a nice feeling.

I hope you like the pictures.


nice medium winds



I was so happy


Bahia Salinas

I really like this place because even during low season you can kite. Its awesome.
I hope you liked the pics. If you want to see more visit my instagram .


Pura vida from Costa Rica,


having a fun-to-do joy is a very happy event. I enjoy the photo presentation along with the description you write. very fun and menginspurasi. really a sport that can boost adrenaline and boost health stamina

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