Hallo From Germany

in travel •  2 years ago 

Hello Steemers,

Sharing my photos from Berlin, Germany

Glaube an das, was noch nicht ist, damit es werden kann. (Hopefully i got it right!!!)


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Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
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Berlin. beautiful city. You got it definitely right ^^
How long will you stay there? I am from Germany​.

Wow.. Lovely view indeed ... I love the way the statues are positioned on the building. Its seems like its a place of worship. I look forward to more of your tour

Nice photography with nice place!!

if time permits you, do visit Dusseldorf as well... you'll see the beauty of Autumn there... :)

Enjoy Germany and be safe it is a very photogenic country :)

Good day @eyesonsky I appreciate all the info and hard work thank you :) Followed , I'm going to read it. See you later. In which country do you live in the meantime?