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Excitement was real while we were looking for places to visit here. Checking photos and understanding how beautiful it is, we wanted to go there as soon as possible and so we did, next morning we were on the way.



This was the first place we visited, it was attractive with its beautiful view and rocky beach. This place is located on the west of Bukit.


We went down to the sandy beach and sat down on the rock to enjoy this beauty, because we were alone for some time.


This place is not allowed for swimming or surfing, because of the massive reef in the ocean. Waves were breaking and we felt such a power from that coastline.
The beach is nice for yoga or fishing, both are some kind of meditation





Riding around the Bukit is so easy, the distance is not very big and everything you want to see is reachable quite fast.

Uluwatu is such a nice place. It makes you feel like in a resort. Well designed cafes and restaurants, the streets are clean. Also Uluwatu is known for big waves and it’s a candy for surfers.


We arrived there absolutely occasionally, paid for the parking and went to explore the Uluwatu beach.



Unfortunately, almost every place we have visited so far, Bali likes to charge for entry or parking, but probably this is the reason why everything is in a good condition. We paid 30 cents.

All cafes, bars and restaurants are located on the cliff with a view to the Indian Ocean. If you want to go to the beach then do it during offshore tide, otherwise you won’t get there. Going downstairs through all restaurants and cafes, you will get in caves (in app they are called Secret Caves).


They seemed like something mysterious, but at the same time so beautiful. Of course, the beach was full of people, but if you manage to get there while nobody is there, you will be lucky.



We had a lovely walk almost through the whole beach, moving on the reef while they were not under the water.




Also we saw how surfers were running through the coastline to get to the spot where they can enter the ocean and catch some waves with height around 4 meters and a massive foam. Impressive.


Uluwatu has a well-known bar which is called Single Fin. We wanted to drink some cocktails, but 2 floors where taken and we had no place to sit. It was a sunset time, probably that’s why we didn’t get a place.



Good music playing and sunset view is available as well. On Wednesdays and Sundays they are throwing great parties with nice music, make sure you check it out.

Uluwatu Temple


The next place we visited was Uluwatu temple.

Actually we wanted to get there because of the view from the cliff. Yeah, we are kind of a view lovers and collectors, haha.



We were hoping that the entry is free, but it wasn’t..we paid a bit more than 2$ each and got in.

The first thing we saw was a crowd of Chinese tourists with guides. We thought that we want to be alone for a moment and followed the stairs to a nice view point.





We took amazing photos, and we were so tired because of the heat and we had no strenght to explore any temples :D but the place is must visit because of the views and be aware of monkeys, they are everywhere and they love to steal sunglasses (my experience) :D




This was our little intro to Bali journey. Tomorrow we are going to explore the whole island, cities, volcanoes, waterfalls and many more. We are soooo excited and can’t wait to share with you!

Thanks for reading and have more sunny days!


Extreme Romance


My favorites are the ones of Uluwatu and crashing waves from above. The photography skills and curation are improving :) Looking forward to the volcanoes!

Thanks man! We are currently in Ubud, we will stay here for few days and then we will move closer to volcanoes.

Will they be active? I can imagine really amazing drone footage :D

hopefully they're not going to be active while we will hike there :)

Awsome update and incredible pictures, it sounds and looks so cool. Wow 4m waves that’s huge! I’m a fellow view collector and lover right here! Always searching for the perfect view :) many moments are stuck in my head for sure. It’s a bit of a shame about being charged to go everywhere and the heavy tourism, but i guess it’s a big tourist destination for a reason:) gray to see you both having fun and enjoying Bali! I look forward to seeing what your experience of the rest is like, plus the waterfalls will be incredible! Peace :) keep on living, loving and making the most of each day 😀

Thank you so much! Watching surfers riding those huge waves is crazy, but we are working on our surfing skills to, so hopefully we will be able to ride those huge waves too. Speaking about tourist destination, we thought that there's a lot of tourists in Bukit area, but now we are in Ubud and the amount of us here is absolutely insane. Lots of love and stay tuned for more.

As always surprising you with your fantastic and captivating photos, Bali is an earthly paradise I remember the words of Luki-Luki Lediii, said by the Balinese who serve the Ubud market as an invitation "to enter your business, look and buy, Oi once The heart of Bali is green and tastes like coconut

Thank you! Bali indeed tastes like coconut and it has definitely filled our hearts with green. Stay tune for more, lots of love!

Wow thank you for taking me with you on this awesome journey, i loved it was like being thete with you with every detail. I checked your previous posts too i never knew there was a place that actually glows as much as its been said. I love that, Bali is on my top to travel list, thank you

Thank for your comment, we're very glad that you're enjoying our content, there's so much more coming, so stay tuned. We truly hope that soon you will visit your dream destination, because it is totally worth it.

Thank you so much i look forward to these adventures. I truly also hope i can visit soon.

This is just incredible. I imagine going there to just read some Romantic poetry, maybe Lord Byron or something.
Thanks a lot for sharing!

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Hello @extremeromance. From all picture, i very excited with 1st and 2nd pic, very inspiring picture because all couple could make what you're do there. Like your account name, this is very extreme romance moment. I hope both of you still in happiness and romance forever. Proud of you sir. God bless you.

Excuse me to resteem your post. I hope you dont mind.

Thank you very much for your comment and big hugs for resteeming our posts.

That looks pretty. Those rock formations are fascinating! It would be fun to spend a couple days there and do some long-exposures and astrophotography. With the under-cut cliffs, do people do cliff diving there? Is it deep enough?

Did the ape go to the bar with you? lol. You've got to watch out for them. The ones in Gibraltar are pretty aggressive at times! Great shot of her taking it easy on the roof, though!

Great photos! Have a good time in Bali!

I was about to comment that it looked like Single Fin and baaaaaaaaaaaaam. Haha. Sweet pics.

This is absolutely a brilliant piece of article about your travel experience in Bali. After reading this article and seeing those awesome pics, its not just giving romantic touch but with an absolute travel experience as well.

I am thinking to plan a trip to this place and I am now much more inclined to plan this trip after reading this article. Last but not the least you are the world's most lovable couple. So tons of good wishes for both of you. Thank you.

Bali is very well known in the American continent for being a diversified place, I've heard a lot of it, from its street ceremonies, On motorbike rice terraces, The kecak, it's good to know more about its territorial beauty here, thanks to you

No wonder it's well known there, it is quite special. Stay tuned for more, we will try explore as much as possible and share it with you.

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