HOW WE DEAL WITH EACH OTHER /// Relationship during 4 months of traveling

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Here we are with something really worth reading. Our relationship before and during traveling. Things to compare for us and some healthy things for you to rethink, guys.


This post is not gonna be like ‘How to make your boyfriend fall in love with you more’ or ‘ What to do when she is cheating on me’ .... A little bit of my side, a little bit from Yan's. How we deal being together 24/7 and many more.

  • +Photo savings from our lifestyle <3


Not that I am a psychologist to teach how to manage your relationships, but I have seen couples that were a good example for healthy relationships and also not so healthy which I took as a ‘won’t do’ lesson.


We are a couple for 2 years and our difference in age is 9 years. Which you may think is too much and we are so different for each other or whatever. But, you know as they say, if it’s love, nothing can beat it.
One more thing to say, WE DON’T care about what people are gossiping or thinking about us, because our relationship is our happiness and we are not going to destroy it.



I have seen a lot of Facebook posts or Instagram pictures with quotes, that couple who doesn’t fight or doesn’t have any conflicts, they are not growing in their relationship and it’s not a real one.

PEOPLE, helloo??!!?? Couples who are fighting all the time are not people who need to be together. Run away from that.


When we were getting ready for our traveling we were aware of things that can change. For example, how many posts we have read that people are breaking up after only few months of travelling together. And the fact that we are going to be 24/7 together seemed unreal and we thought that we will be tired of each other.


As I didn’t know anything how it’s gonna be, I was afraid...but as soon as we started our journey, I understood that we can deal with our relationship.


We are very childish couple, we love adventures and creating memories and meanwhile everything goes through humor, laughs and a lot of hugs.


There was a situation when we were running out of money, of course, we were a bit nervous, but still, we make fun of it, like, how cool would be a life on the street :D

Personally, I am not a conflict person at all, like I can’t even imagine when was my last fight with someone. Yan is understandig and also is not getting in to the conflicts.


If we have some problems we TALK! We do not play those silence games, like, oh I am not going to talk to him, he needs to do it first and then I’ll forgive. By not talking to each other we are just hurting ourselves. Calm down, hold your hands and talk it out!


We had some situations where we could be in fight and not talking to each other, BUT, instead of it we just have a chilled conversation, where we discuss our things. We come to a compromise and continue to live in HARMONY with each other.


People may think that if you do everything together, you get tired and you need completely different hobbies to do. Honestly, we want to be like an inspirational example for doing everything together.


  • We skydive together. When we were in our home town, we used to spent our holidays in drop zone. We chat with our friends, we exchange the experience with others. We jump together, the main thing is we are having FUN. You can’t be unhappy skydiver :)


Now lets take a look from another perspective. If Yan wouldn’t involve me in skydiving I would do something else probably, but the thing is we wouldn’t share those emotions and memories, we wouldn’t be so close and, I think we wouldn’t understand each other so much as we do now.

  • We enjoy cooking together, at least I do :D It’s not so boring anymore when you are in kitchen with someone and its way more faster!! We share our knowledge about cooking and in the end we enjoy the best-healthy-delicious meal.


Also, we travel, we surf, we hike TOGETHER and I can continue this list. You want to say it’s too much? Well, depends on how to look on that. We are having fun doing all of those things.We are each others best friends, we create memories together, because imagine yourself sitting in a swinging chair in your 70’s watching photos and saying...DO YOU REMEMBER? This is what matters.


Of course, we give a space for ourselves and sometimes it’s really needed.

When we were in Goa, I felt so active and I wanted to explore and to see everything, but Yan had kind of a lazy mood, he had a vacation there, he wanted to have a well deserved rest.

For the fist days I couldn’t accept it, I didn’t understand how is it you want to lay in bed and chill out? I was getting a little angry on him, but then, I focused and understood his mood, he didn’t have a vacation like this in his whole life. After accepting it, I felt such a relief.


There were times when we wanted to live separately, not that we are done with our relationship, don’t get it wrong, just a HEALTHY living separately. But we didn’t have a chance to do it, so we had to step over it and so we did :D As you see, still going good.


There are no things we are not allowing to do for each other, it creates freedom and when you feel free, you are happy, right? Just trust your beloved one and forget about jealousy, if person loves you, you will feel it, if not, don’t hold on to that, leave with peace and find your true love.



Probably, most of the things depends on what person really is.

We are very childish couple, we love adventures and creating memories and meanwhile everything goes through humor, laughs and a lot of hugs, trusting and understanding. This is the best medicine for a healthy relationship.


One more thing to feel confident and safe in our relationship we SUPPORT each other.
For example, when we did Annapurna circuit and the most difficult day came, I thought I will die on that pass, probably, if I would be alone, I would return to a base camp and never get on that pass again. Thanks to Yan, he helped me, he supported, he motivated and he cared.


We do support each other in our decisions, we advice each other and sometimes we teach each other. 2 heads are better than one, especially, during the traveling :D


I remember the day we arrived to Bali. Everything happened so smooth, but yet so fast. We surfed, we met friends, we got tanned, we explored island and we did camping.
Now I realize that life in Bali is for us. We can do the things we love, we can share the good energy with each other. Bali was like a fresh, green, big wave breaking on us and it made us stronger, more connected to each other.




I was absolutely lucky to meet a girl like Juta. So calm, so caring and understanding, she loves to explore and she loves to learn.

Building a strong relationship starts with a right choice of partner. My personal opinion is that it’s better to be alone than being in unhealthy relationship and it’s important to learn how to be happy alone. If you’re miserable, no one but yourself will help you and hoping that someone will show up in your life and make things bright and beautiful doesn’t work either. Luckily, I was very happy on my own and I wouldn’t just let anyone into my life, person needs to be just right. You need to have harmony with your partner, otherwise it’s not worth it.


Another thing is that strong relationships don’t just happen, you need to work on them and work hard. Every word you say, any action you do is important and makes difference in future.

You can compare it to growing crops. If you plant good healthy seed, your crops will have better chances to grow healthy and strong. The more positive work you put into gardening, the better chances your crops will have. With each word and each action you’re planting those seeds into your relationship and if you care about them enough and don’t plant any weed around those beautiful seeds, your relationship will bloom as the most beautiful flowers in the world bloom.


We are together for 2 years now and not even once we had a fight or a necessity to shout at each other. We care what we plant into our relationship and the result is harmony and happiness.

This is an honest post, we do not color anything and we don’t want you to think that we wrote it because we need to, we did it, because it matters :)

Be free to spread your thoughts and share your experience or opinion. Will be glad to read them.



Extreme Romance

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that's so great, I like everything in those photos, that memories willl last forever on Steem Blockchain


Thank you! Hopefully this blockchain will live longer then us, so when we'll be old, we will be able read blogs from our young times :)


bhai where are you belong i think you are a successful person
please help me and up vote and comment on my post


For me its quite important the sea, it makes everything easier.
I enjoyed the best holidays in Gran Canaria, an island that offers infinite possibilities and if you dont fell in love with your boy anymore, you do it with the island!

If you think that you need another person for good, you are wrong. As long as we do not learn to enjoy our own company, we will not find real satisfaction in the other society, only a temporary and often deceptive complacency.
Learn to love and appreciate the most important person who will have to spend the rest of your life - yourslelf.🙏😉

Sincerely, one of the most beautiful and most memorable steimit posts I have ever read.
You are an example for others!!!

Its extremely fun if you have an adventure with your loved one. Exploring different parts of the world and sharing the best of nature that it can offer. It is really unforgettable experience. MAke the most of your time while you are still couple coz whenever you have already a baby then everything will be change - you will focus on your lovely baby and no time to travel and have some outdoor adventure. :)


Yes,its good to spend time together and enjoy while still have no baby.


You are right, that's why we are trying to explore and experience as much as possible while we don't have big responsibilities, but saying the truth, we've ,met so many people during our journey that travel with their little children. It's not an easy task, but still possible :)

Beautiful .. The place looks amazing, it is worth taking care of it more
Great pictures from you, well done
Thanks for sharing..


Thank you @slimanepro! We're glad you liked it.

You guys are so beautiful together, I'd drop some advices but you already have it covered.


Thank you! :)

great stuff guys

Hello @extremeromance! And my couple with my husband for 13 years! All these years we travel together, visited already 20 countries. It is very difficult to find a person who will be for you a couple in everything. Travel is a small life, a test of trust, friendship and love. I wish you that your journey lasted for many more years!

Yes, I've been traveling around the world for 5 1/2 years and started with such a situation for 7 months, it is the absolute best way to get to know one another, best continued luck to you!


Thanks a lot! Yes, we thought so too. Traveling together and being exposed to each other 24/7 is the best way to know each other. We think that if your relationship can survive a long traveling experience together, then there's not much that can destroy it.

What an incredible journey you two have had together so far :) it’s amazing, such beautiful writing and beautiful people ! It’s great to see people connect like this and finding the right people, who actually talk about things etc. So many of my friends are in relationship just for the sake of it, I swear they don’t even like eachother and always do things behind eachothers back etc... you two have it solid! There is always ups and downs in everything, but the bigger picture of life is what is important 😀
Peace and love to you both! Enjoy Bali and keep on making it work, having a life full of love, travel and experiences is so cool! I’ve just landed in Thailand and I’m so happy to be back! Amazing food, great weather... oh and I’m doing a Muay Thai camp so I’m currently unable to walk after my first session... haha! 👊❤️


We too have plenty of friends who are in relationships simply for sake of it, some of them even married, but hey, it's their choice. We're superglad that you're back to Thailand and that you're doing some intensive training. As they say, healthy body is occupied by healthy soul. Good luck in training our dear friend!


Built a strong personality and thing higher than your present Livingston are if you're limiting your mind in growth perspective,in the meantime you are also putting boundaries in your mind not to be extend the great thought consciously you are trying to stop your growth your mind and you are feeling scarcity.if you don't find growth in your consciously mind through proper imagination , it is quite difficult to bring the same into the real life . Create everything consciously in mind through proper imagination and belief they will manifest in the real life . basically average people put limit in there mind through disbelief and permission and repeatedly they blame other for their failure and less productive .
You are always responsibility for your own life not other remember it....... thank u

What stood out to me was doing everything together and personal support. The age difference does not matter. Love is love and you both seem to be like peanut butter and jelly. I am so glad you are traveling the world and showing us so many expressions of life and love regardless of where we may find ourselves. I am now a fan and a follower. Happy traveling @extremeromance.


Thank you ! Ha ha, we love to be like peanut butter and jelly :) World is so big and yet so many people tend to stay at home, we're glad that we can show them what's out there, so one day they'll decide to go exploring too :)

I did read it for the second time cuz you could see how true and sincere #Juta was when writting it. Nice and well presented emotionally driven post.😍

Life without @annbell would be like a pizza without cheese.Pardon me for utilizing such words on her cuz she's really my other half.My Princess @annbell saw your post and sent the url to me to also read. Am one hundred percent sure she also felt that way.

kudos and have a love filled day @extremeromance

Wow, thank you so much for your kind words! The post about relationship was so important to me, so, probably, it touched my heart, so I needed to write it out.

Haha, yeah, pizza without cheese is not a pizza anymore.
Thank you one more time for this lovely feedback <3

Fantastic post guys. Where did you meet? I was in a five year relationship awhile back, we were happiest traveling and being together 100% of the time. It's when we got real lives for a year with real jobs and time apart is when things fell apart. Wish you guys many more years happily together. From Belfast Ireland. -Dan


We actually know each other for quite many years. We come from same little town and grew up on the same road. :) Ohh man, we will do our best to learn from your experience and never return to simple and normal life. :) Thanks for stopping by Dan! Loads of love brother! - Yan


Wow. What connection. So happy for you guys.

loving couple <3

I wish you a happy journey, wish you enjoyed your next life. I love your photography very much. I believe that your lover will not ever deceive you, and you never share it with anyone, you have shared the words very well with us all. You said openly that I liked the fact that you made the post very well Thank you very much for rechena you and my congratulations and best wishes on behalf of the left


Nice job good luck bro.


Many congratulations and greetings to you also tell me


Thanks a lot for your comment! We're are happy that you enjoyed it and found it helpful.


Thank you so much that I feel very good to be friends with you, and I am proud to be your friend.

I have loved reading this publication, they are a true inspiration for people in search of true love, many times we look for in our partner something very similar to us, that like activities the same as us and that is a true mistake, there is nothing better that you look for in a person his complement, what does not have one the other yes. That is why the phrase that handsome poles are always attracted is true. They look at each other together, as they say in my country they look very cuchi

Heyyyyy...@extremeromance...Congratulations! You couple seems to be made for each other.! Your photography is of ultimate level.

Your closeness with each other and enjoying every moment together creates some feeling in young heats that how you can make your self as well as your partner happy!😊

All the best!👍


Than you very much for your lovely comment! Making each other happy is one of our main goals. :) All the best to you too!

Wow... This is really extreme romance.

I like how practical and real this is.

I myself have often wonder what it would be like to live with a person 24hours everyday.

I can say these tips have helped.

Thank you guys
Enjoy the relationship and hey! I don't think the age difference is too much


Being together 24/7 is definitely not and easy task indeed. But everything is possible through love, patience and understanding each other. Thanks for your comment!

a journey away and enjoyed with the days filled with happiness. this is a good weekend getaway for us to enjoy a beautiful moments of togetherness. I have also just enjoyed my final holiday at the beach of lampuk located in the westernmost Indonesia, its place in Aceh province. the place is very nice. may you visit my post. if you want to see and like can you upvote me. thanks friend @extremeromance

Awesome. You really are perfectly match. It's great to travel together with the one you love. It is worth it. I love your pictures. Great photography. Well, best wishes for both of you. Enjoy and have fun while still young.


Thank you dear! Traveling together while being in harmony is a blessing and we're so happy that we have each other. Lots of love to you!

I really like your photos. The flashlight night shot is great. I wish my camera sensor could pull those shots off with any kind of image quality... Maybe after grad school.

Tigherness... There is something to be said for doing everything together, but I think different people handle it differently. Of course, at almost 40 and still single, any relationship suggestions are wasted on me...


There is no ultimate recipe for everyone, but what i've learned in my thirty is that there's time for everything. Best thing happen when you're not looking for them. I hope you'll meet your one and only sometime soon!

hullo @extremeromance, your story is so inspirational and i believe it is changing a lot of mindsets that people have about travelling together. here in uganda, being with your lover 24/7 is the number one cause of break ups coz people claim to be tired of each other.
thank you and looking forward to more of such resourceful posts.


If people get completely tired of each it means that both of them are boring and they don't fit each other. We're glad you enjoyed reading!

@extremeromance Do you think age difference is a fact for relationship?


Well, not really. Of course with big difference in age there's a huge gap in experience, knowledge and wisdom. But if one is willing to learn and other is glad to teach, then it's a win win situation.


@extremeromance You told very very important comment i.e. " if one is willing to learn and other is glad to teach". If like this, everyone must be happy.


thanks for reply


@patrickbaxter Sometimes it's fact.

I really love reading your relationship story. It inspires me.
Hope we can do it with my love also.
Travel, enjoying moment and creating memories. Since, we are long distance relationship, we don't have much time to bond each other. What we do is constant communication and by the time we meet up we spend quality time with each other. We laugh and laugh and love.


That's one of the bests thing you can do with you beloved one, love, laugh and simply enjoy your time together. These moments are very precious. We truly Hope that one day you will go exploring together and you'll love and laugh even more. Thanks for stopping by, lots of love and good luck!


The sooner the better😊

Thank you very much for such a touching story! I do agree that in order to spice things up, we need to spend more time being together and enjoying things together.

Great advices!


We're glad you like it! Time is most valuable thing we can give to those we love.

most of us know that travelling can improve our perspectives in life it is safe to say say that it is your ticket to your better selves .now if you are travelling with someone else chances are you grow together,making your bone strong than ever.
while some people will choose to travel on their own because of its apparent advantages being with someone you love has its perks can split your travel expenses for crying out loud but kidding aside if you are still having doubts of travelling together with your partner then perhaps these travel quotes keep you both on the road.
make sure you read these togather & i m preety sure you would be booking your flights right away

The longest distance one can travel is from the mind to the heart! You're an amazing storyteller :) sharing will only lead into more receiving. Love from India :) Cheers


Thank you very much for your comment! We believe in same thing. Lots of love and good luck!

You can learn the real personlity of someone easily when you travel. Becouse i learned this sadly. Everything started good. But we broke up now :-(


We're so sad to hear it, but it only means that that wasn't the one and someone special for you is somewhere out there.

This is lovely... To actually stick to one woman
I'd to give someone my devotion,
And i noticed too that relationships that last are built on true friendship

wow...!! an incredible journey you two have It’s great to see u both together. keep it up
having a life full of love, travel and experiences is so cool. Nice Writing and amazing pics. be happy stay blessed


Thank you very much! Lots of love to you too. Good luck and stay blessed.

This is really inspiring. I had a painful break with a girlfriend of 2 years because I wanted to go travel and I had to make a tough choice. Glad to see it is definitely possible to stay together!


Everything is possible as long as both parties believe in it and work hard to make it happen. From on side it's sad to hear that you broke up, but from other it means that someone very special is waiting just around the corner :)


Your love story is truly beautiful! Thank you for sharing the positivity and journey you both had. Also, age is just a number, it's the chemistry that matters most. Happy travelling, Juta and Yan! 😃


Your are absolutely right and we think so too. So far those were absolutely irrelevant to our relationship. Love is love. Thank you very much! Lots of love and good luck!

This is an amazing story guys, i hope you have many many more travels to come my dudes. If anything you guys should totally visit Thailand! Travelers paradise!


Thanks a lot! Thailand is definitely on our list and sometime soon we will go there too.


It should be! its the rainy season till late August, but that doesnt stop anyone!

I love to hear about your story. It's lovely to communicate in love and joy. Fighting to me is a useless emotion. There are better ways to express your needs and wants. I enjoyed your post. I will follow to see more beautiful pictures.

Hello they make a beautiful couple, in love age does not matter, the most important thing is the maturity with which they take the relationship. Concern is difficult, but the best way to carry it is by accepting people as they are with their own shortcomings. Congratulations for that transparent and beautiful relationship they have.

beautiful photo

How much money did you spend on the traveling in 4 months? asking for education purpose :D I also like traveling I will go when I have money.


Excluding tickets we've spent a bit over 5 000£. We hope you'll go traveling soon! Good luck!

@extremeromance your photos speak more than your words. stay blessed

@extremeromance You both are a great example of Successful relationship. Many things to learn from you guys. Keep it up.

wow nice couple congratulations . be happy . nice photography carry on.....

Exelente postal, felicitacioens por presumir a una mujer tan hermosa

They make an explendida couple, and together they will always enjoy trips like that. you have a good shot. success,,!

Really great post.."Perfect relationship".

Have a great life with happiness and love with your loving one.

Well done, glad for you!!! Take care of each other and what connects you! Too many in the world of separation, misunderstanding and loneliness

❤❤❤❤couple couple couple never seen couple like u ..good never make partisan of this couple..❤❤❤❤

That's really great! Keep it up

Romancing and adventure enjoying both

You had romantic time with each other and I liked your photography very much

Talking about true love !

Incredible journey

So caring words!

how can I bring up a funny moment from my past?

Some shots are really incredible:)
good luck!

Talking about true love

Great photos. I have never seen haven. Here you show me. It looks haven on the earth. You have the right choice. Thanks for sharing.

I love you guys.

GOOD. Have a nice weekend. ... from SEOUL.

Healthy relationship.. good luck and keep exploring... from Assam,India


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Is really impacting wish my wife is on steemit to read this too

awesome post about romance

Beautiful words.

wow what a great post i love it

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Love is lovely. Thanks for sharing.

Great post thanks for sharing😎

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My dream is to take hold of the #imagenposible the one you capture when looking up with the heart filter.

They make an explendida couple, and together they will always enjoy trips like that. you have a good shot

may I resteem your post, because I like the picture in your post

Yes, its good to spend time together and enjoy and round the world

You r right sir made for each other, lovely life, I like Every thing in those photos nd Beautiful location sir great picture nd well done sir. Nd I am Follow u sir

that's a nice post

I wish you a happy journey, wish you enjoyed your next life. I love your photography very much. I believe that your lover will not ever deceive you, and you never share it with anyone, you have shared the words very well with us all.


Lovely photos and wonderful couple!!

I think this is a very good chance would it be possible for me to have a clear relationship with him

happy relationship, i wish both of u happy life, and very nice photography with nice nature background .lovely moment


Thank you very much! We wish the same to you too! Lots of love and good luck!

Very honest and real. Important to read stuff like this! Would love to work with you guys for the new community travel guide I've just started! Check it out!

wow just awsome bro nice photoshot

Great photo graphy and the love between both of u will stay forever and u will live a happy life . U guys are very romantic and looks like you had never fight with each other

where are this picture

please help him for vote and like me @muved

@extremeromance your post shows you are happy couple may god bless you
your post is very nice it seems it comesds from heart
loved it

excellent photography brother... have blessed life and keep smiling!!!!!

Likes looking with loved ones photography and story

Wow this is a great post! On the photos you both look super happy and excieted. It looks like you travelled for ages - in every pic you have diffrent hair :)

Wish you happy travelling!

PS: I am going on a great adventure too! Check it out on my profile!

wow it is only in my dream to travel big places

we remembered our old day when i was with my gf in our favorite place..

Wow, seems like I've read a thick book in a page. I hope such story of romance will last a lifetime.