FIRST DAYS IN BALI /// Surfing and getting used to Bali

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Heeellloo, World! Hello Bali!

Just realized how fast our plans are changing :D 1 month ago we thought we are going to Sri Lanka, but here we are, Indonesia...BALI!! If someone would tell us that we are gonna be here, probably, we won’t believe this fact.

Why Bali, but not Sri Lanka?

Easy, Bali is a great place for surfing, everyone knows it, haha. The south Sri Lanka is in a heavy tears, because we changed our mind and didn’t get there...haha, not really... because of the rain season.



As Latvian citizens we are allowed to stay in Bali for one month without visa payment. After that we are going to cross the border (no idea which way) and then will come back for another month or maybe 2, who knows :D

In Bali we are already for 2 days trying to blend in this lifestyle. Looking for a bike and a house to rent for one month. Where to have meals for the best price, where to surf, where to go and what to see, because Bali is gifted we the nature beauty and that’s exactly what we love.

Honestly, we barely found a place where to stay, but we already checked one of the beaches and surfed for the whole day...okay...we were trying to catch at least one wave :D



The first ‘overpaying’ moment was in airport when we took a taxi for 12$ to get to Jimbaran, which is about 15 minutes (max) driving, although the driver said it’s around 30 minutes and they wanted to charge 30$!!! We wanted to pay 6$ for that ride, hate being a tourist, everyone thinks that you're a bag with money..

We booked a hotel for 4 nights and paid 50$, which is quite good.

House rental for month is around 250-..., depends on what you seek. A lot of villas are available and if you go with friends than renting a villa will be very cheap! So find your company and go :)

Tip! The best way to find a place to live is just to rent a bike and ride around all the towns and villages to look for them.

Bike rental is 50 to 150$, depends on what you like, scooters or more powerful scooters or maybe some real bikes. We took our Yamaha Nmax 125 cc for a month and its price was 100$.


The Balangan Beach was impressive with it’s view and the amount of surfers.

There are many surf schools and many places where to rent a board. We took a beginners board for 15$ per day, for one hour it costs 3,5$.


One surf lesson is about 40$, but in Bali you can bargain for everything, but do it kindly :)


After Goa beaches in Bali seem like another paradise, the oceanic water is a bit colder and way more cleaner, but as soon as you get in the water you get used to it and it feels refreshing!! The waves are so smooth and bigger than in Goa and what’s more important, every beach is different.


The climate here is 10/10, it’s not hot and it’s not cold, it’s perfect. Nice and warm, around 30 degrees and not more, while in evening you can cool down a bit (around 24 degrees) sometimes cloudy, but it feels so good, so fresh :)

There are no a lot fruit markets, because here in Bali it's a winter time now and if you can buy them, then only for a higher price.


We will try to write a bit more informative posts about beaches and places we visit. Hopefully, it’s gonna be useful for you :)



Extreme Romance


Bali is one of the most popular destinations in Indonesia and there is a good reason why. Bali is beautiful, the beaches are perfect for sunbathing and surfing, the hiking is perfect, amazing locals on Bali, and inexpensive. We spent a month exploring this island and would love to go back to explore more of it. The touristy side is the southeast corner of the island, leave this and you won’t be bothered with too many tourists. These Bali articles will help you plan your trip around this incredible island.

So far Bali is a paradise for us. We stay in a touristy area for another week and then we will move out and explore the island. When did you visit Bali ?

Hey @extremeromance great first Bali post! I was looking forward to this, good to hear you both have got there safe and are settling in. That’s a shame about the taxi fare, I have read lots about this in Bali. Weather and surfing sounds great, it’s a cheap place to live by he sound of it, and the longer you stay you will find cheaper ways of living:) Im most likely going to be in Bali at the end of June, but I’m thinking of going back to Thailand for a bit instead, or maybe visiting Cambodia and hitting up Bali another time...

I look forward to hearing more about life in Bali! 😀 keep having fun and loving life! Peace:)

an impressive journey to find a wonderful moment. welcome to my country live indonesia friends. you have dropped in a beautiful place in the world / Bali. bali is a paradise of the world. with unrivaled beaches. Hopefully you can visit again next time and spend a happy weekend in the heaven of the world #bali beach. you are a great adventurer. I always follow the trail of your adventure in your post. may you support some posts of my promo-steem activities in building steemit progress forward. you are a kind person. best wishes for you friend @extremeromance

Your publications fill me with inspiration, steemit needs the option to choose the accounts that we want to see first in our history, I feel envy but the good with these pictures, Bali is a magical place and surfing is walking on water, is the perfect connection at this time two united

Yah it is true, if you are a tourist people think you have lots of money since you are into vacation especially that the two of you are good looking. Sometimes residents take advantage of that.

Hope to see more pics about your adventure in Bali.

Stereotypes are stereotypes..unfortunately, but slowly we are learning how to deal with it.

(1)I think your trip in Asia is in a spree. In earlier post you mentioned about your experience in India and now you are right there in Indonesia and Bali is no doubt a right choice.

(2) About the climate and temperature, yes Bali must have been a pleasing one for tourist and I think from that perspective you are in the right place now.

(3) Make this journey memorable, have a lot of fun, enjoy the beach and enjoy every moment...who know what is there in store in future, So enjoy the present.

Wishing you a nice and pleasant trip in Asian destinations.

Hey, @littymumma, thank you for your kind words!
No regrets about Bali, for sure., everything seems wonderful here. Hopefully in the future we will be exploring many more countries, traveling is an unbelievable freedom and we want to taste it even more.

The climate here is 10/10, it’s not hot and it’s not cold, it’s perfect. Nice and warm, around 30 degrees and not more, while in evening you can cool down a bit (around 24 degrees) sometimes cloudy, but it feels so good, so fresh :)

I LOVE the sound of that!!! Hope you're both having the best time :)

Thank you sunshine! We're having absolutely fantastic time here, we wish you guys could join and have steemit meetup here :)

Anything is possible ;)

It seems very beautiful. . I think you reached and wondered with beautifulness of nature. Hope your travel was good and you enjoy that. I want you to show more photos. Your post writing is really awesome. Thanks

Thank you! Our journey so has been really fantastic. Few posts are currently in progress. We have taken many great photos of amazing places in Bali, but we have just started to explore this place. Stay tuned and we hope you're going to enjoy what have to show you.

That looks amazing! I wouldn't be able to do the moped thing, but it sounds like a lot of fun. How were the first couple meals? What's Bali food like?

Every single meal we had so far was really delicious. Indonesian food is not as spicy as Indian, so we're really enjoying it.

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