The Secret Mysteries Of The Ancient City Of Petra ~ Conclution

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 Elaborate Architectural Detail Of Al-Khazneh Or "The Treasury" In Petra  

As our five part Petra adventure comes to a close, we take time to look at the upper levels of the Al-Khazneh or The Treasury. Here the mysteries of the lost city grow as we wonder just what this magnificent building carved out of the sandstone cliffs was used for. Most seem to favor that it was some type of a temple for the many gods of Petra after the many invaders of Rome took control, but there is also the theory that in the beginning it was an elaborate tomb.  This also applies to the Monastery that is higher in the cliffs.  As with many of our questions, the answer is buried under the sand and boulders that were put in place by the many earthquakes over the years. 

As we look up to the top of The Treasury, the first fact is that this is an area that has not been as exposed to the human touch and curiosity. Therefore we can take notice of the extremely elaborate Architectural detail at the top. It is magnificent! It is almost untouched! This is the architectural signature of a city carved out of stone almost two thousand years ago. 

As magnificent as these buildings are today, can you even begin to picture what they must have looked like during the time of the Nabataean Civilization? As much as we know about this great civilization, just imagine how little we really know as of today. Almost 90% of this great city is waiting to be set free from the ruble left by the earthquakes and sealed by the wind and the rain. What you see here today is beyond beautiful, but what is waiting in the wings to be dug out of its desert burial place, will be even greater. What a perfect time to make your plans to explore the next generation of mysteries, at "The Lost City Of Petra!"

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To tell the truth: Petra was a very rich commercial town with many pleasure grounds. It was just like Las Vegas or Dubai today, or Venice in the medieval age! Hedonists lived there, they were only interested in physical pleasures and luxury. Sacrality was almost completely absent. No wonder it was completely destroyed in natural disasters and wars.

There are a few areas tourist don't goto. Little Petra is one of them. When you goto this particular place you get a glimpse of real life back in time. There was know one there when we went only some local children

how are you
I am from Jordan, where Petra is located and I visited Petra several times
It is a charming and beautiful city
They are really much more beautiful than the pictures
I am honored to visit Jordan and visit Petra and I am there for a distance of less than 50 km from Petra

The area is rich in human history, and should be better explored and documented. If we only had the time and money we would spend a year writing about the whole area and country. People are friendly, and welcoming, and it is a enjoyable place to visit.

I am honored to be visiting Jordan and Medina in particular
Petra is a beautiful city and is called the area where Petra is located pink city

Be careful, perhaps you will find one of transformers over there, lol.
Nice post

The details in the stonework is simply astonishing!!

They stand the test of time @simplifylife

Why do you think Petra was less abandoned? Do you believe it was from flash flooding?

Luxury is always followed by destruction, this is the order of life. That was the 'Las Vegas' of this era.

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Still look good relative to its age.

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Wonderful beauty of history

what a awesome place to visit

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