Photo of the Day ~ Crossing the Red Sea in Aqaba, Jordan

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Crossing the Red Sea in Aqaba, Jordan

To visit the Red Sea at Aqaba, Jordan is a compelling inner drive. Many pass Aqaba by, but here you will find water that is calm and crystal clear. It seems like you can see forever. The Red Sea is a thriving sea with a large variety of amazing marine life. This is a world class snorkeling site. If you enjoy marine life, spend a few hours snorkeling at the Red Sea,  Jordan's only beach. 

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Wow! Beautiful environment. Wish i was on vacation!

@frogtron it's a great place, and we really love it there.

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its awesome picture..i like to travel i take a landscape pictures too..maybe you can visit me and some of my best photos @exploretraveler

Wow it is wonderful pic...great work @exploretraveler wel done...

Nice photo, a historic sea
Like the Dead Sea, it seems that we float in,
You had the opportunity to test?

Superb scenery I would love to go there with my family someday .... ❤️

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