It Is Time For A Green Island, Taiwan Adventure

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On Our Way To Adventure On Green Island

Green Island is a tiny island and part of the Republic Of China. Over time, it was created by volcanic activity. It is one of the most  amazing spots for adventure in the Pacific Ocean. It might be a small island, but it is one of the most spectacular places to visit in Taiwan. 

The island is full of markets to explore, including one of the best fish markets. It is easy to rent bikes, and scooters for use in  exploring this breathtaking island. On the other side of the island is the Green Island Lighthouse. The lighthouse is both stunning and historical. It was built out of necessity, as visibility was not good and ships needed assistance to make it into the proper channel.  There is also a hiking trail over on the other side of the island and it is possible to walk all around the island. On Green Island, adventure is at your finger tips. 

Green Island Lighthouse

As you take to the byways and alleys, you will find little eats on every corner.  If you follow the smell of BBQ, you will discover Cuttlefish on the grill. It is one of the best island treats waiting for you  in the side streets, the alleys, and the markets. 

The Tantalizing Aroma Of Cuttlefish On The Grill

Jhaorih Hot Springs  

Jhaorih Hot Springs is one of only three saltwater hot springs in the world. Come tired from a busy work week and leave relaxed and refreshed. What a spectacular place to spend a couple of hours, soaking in the healing waters of Jhaorih. Since it is heated by the volcanic lava that is under Green Island, it is always ready and hot on demand. 

Rock formations of Sleeping Beauty and Pekingese Dog Rock  

The scenery on Green Island is magnificent and nothing less than stunning.  It is a rocky coastline with unique volcanic rocks, some named and some waiting for you to discover the perfect name. 

View Of Nanliao Bay Through Elephant's Trunk Rock On Green Island  

Fishing Is Great Near The  Coral Reefs Green Island   

The fish in the reefs are abundant and the indigenous people have made a good living from these reefs.

Scuba Diving Off The Shores Of Green Island

Green Island is one of many tiny islands that have their home in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. These little islands are what is left of major volcanic eruptions over thousands of years. They are amazing prime diving spots, with scenic hot spots all over the island.

Whatever your reason for coming to Green Island, here you will find the perfect escape. There is no traffic to snarl at, or pollution to make you sick, only peace, and beauty beyond belief. So grab your backpack, your journal, and your camera. If you love to dive, all the equipment can be rented or you can bring your own. If you just need to enjoy the island and soak the stress away, grab your swimsuit. All you need are a few basic tools and your on your way to adventure.

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woooww this is really a very beautiful journey, thanks my friend has shared.

Amazing pictures and an amazing journey!

Beautiful pictures ,such a diversity of landscapes I simply love it ! Thanks for sharing

Your welcome @makogul. Glad you enjoyed it.

The pleasure was entirely mine !

Comments are nice.

Thank you for reading @zahido0406.

Wow nice sceneries👏 keep it coming! Thanks for sharing😊

Great travel....

Anytime.... Thank you... I like good content..

What are your positive views, ""Helping bring the world together one friend at a time. So travel and discover that the world is full of wonderful people." " Thanks for sharing such positive thinking.

hope you had a gr8 time. so how much did you spend for this trip ?

We spent around 2000 Taiwan Dollars

A lot of place u have travelled....that's amazing

Yes we travel allot Thanks @shagorshikder

Thank you for reading @alexandrya92. Hope you get to visit soon.

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