Exploring Cutler Maine USA

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 Picturesque Lobster  Fishing Village Of Cutler Maine

Welcome to Cutler, a small quaint fishing village that was named after Joseph Cutler. Mr. Cutler was one of the early settlers to the region. He was originally from Massachusetts, but quickly became one of the founding fathers of Cutler.

One of the main things for tourists here is to Catch a charter boat from Bold Coast Charter and go out to Machias Seal Island. Here you get close up views of the puffins and many other birds. This is one of the few US charters allowed to visit this Canadian Island. 

Cutler Bay is a quiet bay with several places to eat in downtown Cutler. 

When In Cutler Maine...Think Lobster!

There are several restaurants in downtown Cutler with lobster, lobster rolls, and other fresh local seafood on the menu.  Also it is less than two hours from Bar Harbor, with many more restaurants to choose from. There is nothing like fresh lobster. 

Chose Your Own Lobster For Lunch

From Cutler to Bar Harbor, there are plenty of quality fresh fish. Many restaurants let you choose your own lobster when it is time to catch a bite. Now, how much fresher can you get? So while traveling the Maine coast, take a tour and see the sights at Cutler Maine. Be sure to catch one of those quality lunches while your there. 


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Woowww! That's huge lobster!

thank you so much ......showing this pic...I like this... I want to eat that big lobster!

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fresh fish lets go

The fresh fish is always awesome @mustch42.

Wow big Lobster! Never seen that one before. For sure its yummy! 😋😋😋 Thanks for sharing. Resteemed @zhayie03

I need a good "cutter" for that mouth watering lobster!

It's very depressing to only see that and not tasting it! lol

Yes, I guess it could be @i-karlll.

Wow lobster yummy 😋 thanks for sharing

can i please have a taste of this big lovely lobster..... from kryptonia @everdope

Whoa! That's a huge one! Can I have some? 😆 That must be very delicious!

The lobsters are huge in Maine @avon.grace.

so excited!
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Wow lobster is delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Wooww!!! i tried eating lobster here in Cambodia..so good! thanks for sharing

Lobster and the little village of Cutler. Its good to know that this quiet fishing city is named after Joseph Cutler.
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Lived in Maine for 30 years never been to Cutler. Hopefully I will get to visit some day. Thank you for sharing; lovely photo:)

I like this...... I need to rethink my summer holiday

que bonito lugar y se nota que la comida es muy buena! gracias por compartir!


I want to eat that big lobster! Such a big lobster! Im hungry looking at that..read, upvoted, commented and resteemed by rubelynmacion of krypto

How much it is? I think here in the Phil. its very expensive, espicially that kind of lobster.

delicious lobster!

Have never seen something like that and much less imagine it being eaten. And am seeing people commenting yummy am like oh gosh. Lol lobster lol. We don't have such thing in Africa

beautiful pictures and beautiful place. @bmejia

Nice one keep it up.

Wow it looks yummy.

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