Visiting Kew Gardens - part 3

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Temperate House

Another part of the huge Royal Kew Gardens, a big ass glass palace, that is what I like to call huge greenhouses. If/when I'm filthy rich, I want to buy myself one and have it as my summer cottage. Obviously there would be huge gated grounds around it so there wouldn't be any chance for peeping Toms to look in.

Aaaanyways, this was a really beautiful place, obviously. Lots of nice plants, lots of light, a few water elements, and my favourite part, you could climb up the stairs for a bird's eye view!! The winter garden in Helsinki has stairs up too, but they are closed, though I did sneak in there last time I was visiting. This greenhouse is probably four times as big, and a lot higher, so the experience was much cooler. I always have a need to get to high grounds, where ever I am, I don't know why. I'm just a little monkey I guess.

Shot with the Nikon D7200 and Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8.





As the tradition I created myself starting in Lisbon, every time I see a pond like this, I throw in a few coins and wish Steem to the moon. Doesn't seem like it's working right now, maybe I need to be more specific about the time frame...







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Great Post 😆

wow such a very nice picture and awesome photography all picture done so perfectly and discription so nice. welldone

Eve you asked what I would show you. Well your moving is a good occasion. I know that according to current traditions and how to pick up girls 101 I should send you a dick picture...But I picked a movie instead.

P.s I hope that Disney will not hear of this...