Afternoon on the Seaside in Reposaari, Finland - part 2

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More seaside pictures from the weekend. I'm much more a lakeside person, being born and raised in the middle of Finland, surrounded by peaceful little lakes. Visiting the seaside is always exciting and the beaches are often quite different and the waters more turbulent. I like to visit the sea, but I prefer the lakes, they are more homey, safer. And I think the sea smells bad, fresh water lakes never do!

This time of the year, the soft afternoon light lets you wait for quite long, for example, these are all taken well after 8pm in the evening. I often keep my camera shut for the majority of the day, because the harsh sunlight doesn't inspire me, and wait for the prettier light of the afternoon. Can't complain, I'm an evening person anyways and prefer sleeping in and lounging around for the day, getting more energetic in the night time.

Shot with the Nikon D7200 and Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8.









The photography under the sun is always admiring. I like the blue color in the pictures which click so perfectly.

I have so much to learn about photography and usually just snap away with mixed results. I will one day take it a little more seriously and learn from all of you.

Only way to learn is to do it a lot and always keep evaluating your own work and study pictures that you find amazing :)

Good advice. May lean on you when I start for more help.

I may not be the best of instruction, as I'm still learning myself too, but I highly suggest you check out @skiesandsports articles about photography, for example this one about the rules of photography.

Will do. Thank you.

I love that sun photo. I'm no photographer, but I like chancing what the sun will do to a picture.

I think childhood must be the most deciding factor on where we feel at home. I prefer the ocean, but my ocean looks completely different. Beautiful pictures.

The ocean looks different everywhere, we were actually gonna go to some sandy beaches too but ended up spending so much time here that we decided to leave that to the next time :)

I've never been on a rocky beach. Looks lovely.

The plus side is not having sand in weird places! 😝

no sand or naked chick, that beach is terrible

No sand is good, it gets everywhere!

that's more of a problem for the naked chick than me.

Idyllic, wonderful, paradisiacal, beautiful, excellent photos, congratulations.

I had to google if paradisiacal really is a real word, and it is! :D Thank you!

Wwww nice! I love that carving in the rock, that much have taken ages!!

Yeah and there were a lot of them on the rocks! Veikko, a finnish male name, was my favourite, it was done in such a beautiful script when most were pretty simple. He must have had a lot of extra time 😅

Yeah he must have! Amazing, I haven't seen carved names like that before!

Nice .
Please upvote me.

Looks so pretty there!

That sun shot is fantastic!

Again i salute brother.very very good photo.
Supper clearity and original view.
We are not going there but your photo is speaking everything.

I must say your landscape photos are excellent as well. I love the lens flare in the first shot, but photo number 4 is my favorite from this series, the two small clouds make it perfect:)

If you didn't make it clear that these are seaside rather than lakeside photos, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
Sometimes, a seaside view can be identical to a lakeside view. It is difficult to recognize the difference unless someone tells you so.

waw nice photo.

I want you to disappear. Flagged using my mouse button.

Yea nice one i love the view

That good story, and that good photos! they transmit much peace... thank you for sharing them.

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