London ~ Seven Dials, The London Eye, Tower of London, & Tower Bridge

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Today’s post contains a slideshow that’s a short of mash-up of a few days’ worth of pictures from our trip. I think there are even one or two pictures of London's Chinatown in there. One of the reasons we enjoyed staying in the Covent Garden district so much was it allowed us to walk to most of the major attractions.

Seven Dials, is nestled inside the Covent Garden area but really has a sort of upscale bohemian vibe all its own. This wasn’t always the case, Seven Dials was once London’s worst slum. There were lots of cool one-off shops and restaurants in this area. One of our favorite breakfast spots, 26 Grains was in the "Neal's Yard" section of this neighborhood so we spent a lot of time strolling the streets here. The restaurant was small but the food made up for any feelings of claustrophobia we felt while squeezing beside other patrons.

The London Eye afforded an interesting view but at the price of 37 pounds each (with Fasttrack option), in our opinion, it wasn’t worth the price. The capsule we were in was overcrowded and we had to push through the crowd to get any decent photos. Honestly, the attractions around the London Eye are best seen from the ground. We enjoyed the experience and view from the SkyGarden much more and it was free to get in.

The Tower of London, was a very eirrey place, even from the outside. It was originally built as a castle but ended up being a prison in the 16th and 17th centuries and many unlucky souls were held and tortured within its walls. The raven is forever intertwined in the folklore of the Tower of London. Legend has it, the birds protect The Crown and the tower; a superstition holds that "if the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it". In the black and white photo in the slideshow I managed to snap a photo of one of the famous ravens in front of the Tower.

Lastly, there’s the iconic Tower Bridge. Many people mistakenly think this is called the London Bridge but it’s not... the Tower Bridge is actually more impressive.

I hope you’re enjoying these posts about our trip to London!

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Fun mashup! Good inspiration for me since I"m going in July also. Just a short 6 days and mostly centered around time with an aunt who is ill and cousins.

Thanks! I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. Whereabout will you be staying?

Impressive all the images, especially the aerial ones. I imagine that many of those images you took from The London Eye. Interesting the legend of the crows and the British crown. I had never heard it! It is good to know the popular stories that are behind famous events or places. Greetings, @ericvancewalton

Thank you @nancybriti! I had never heard about the ravens either before this trip. We learned a lot of little historical tidbits like that during the 8 days we were there. The whole place is steeped in history.

Wow definitely Amazing if you ask me, I think the tower of London, the London eye and the tower brridge, amazing history to it if you ask me really, the slide show did show a lot really I can't believe there is still more to being in London, I guess the adventure continues

Thanks! Because of our central location we were really able to squeeze a lot into the trip without feeling rushed. We basically stepped out of our Airbnb and were in the heart of the city.

You don't say ? I think in all fairness it's you've really taken time to bring so much information and I've been impressed and entertained by your reportarge of London really. Wow

Beautiful slide show . Beautiful place . Enjoy your trip .

Yes ... I really enjoyed your video, Eric. London is indeed very beautiful. The city is very clean and looks old-fashioned. The part I like is a capsule full of people. I think from the capsule we can see the city of London as a whole. Have a nice day, sir.

This is a very beautiful and informative excursion, I am impressed, maybe when I will visit London :)...

I continue to enjoy the beautiful images you share that have allowed me to travel to London through them. How much beauty and history, everything to learn and enjoy. The best thing about travelling is the experience of getting to know and getting closer to new cultures, they broaden our vision of the world. Thank you for the gesture of sharing, @ericvancewalton. Each presentation is magically musicalized, the pleasure is enormous. A hug.

Really imagine how the tower of London will look so tall and the appearance, how it will be

@ericvancewalton, In my opinion these pictures are reflecting as you've entered into the world of Architectures and it's very enjoyable journey.

Good to know about the Seven Dials and in my opinion whenever we see Transformation of particular place it gives a message that we can bring change and we can bring Transformation no matter the situation is.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed.

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Must visit places for sure you covered it all that was amazing to see :D

I was amazed by the city of London with its many tall buildings and the splendor of the city

Tower bridge of London is a beautiful piece of engineering. Enjoy your london trip .