Playing Like Children in Siberia

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Taking the Transiberian Railroad to Vladisvostok in January

One of the most adventurous and maybe stupidest ideas I ever had was to take the Transiberian Railroad from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok in January of 2013. I went with my good friend, Justin, and although it was a scary idea at first, we had one of the greatest adventures of my lifetime. Since the weather has been so warm that last several days, I thought it was a good time to reflect on my time in the middle of Russia in January.

Among the many places we stopped to explore along the way was Novosibirsk. I had a friend who's sister lives there and she had offered to provide us a great tour of the city. She did not disappoint.

2013-01-17 10.50.46.jpg

It was January and Siberia so to say it was cold, was an understatement. It was at least -25 and just taking photos was a challenge because my camera was not equipped for such temperatures. Be that as it may, we managed to get some fun shots of one of our days in Novosibirsk.

I have included some photos of our time at the ice village and park where Justin and I participated in all the fun alongside the Russian children that thought we were some very weird men. My favorites were the huge ice slides that would have American lawyers drooling for all the dangerous elements involved. Luckily, we survived several trips down the various slides without injury.

2013-01-17 11.32.56.jpg

Another fun feature of the park is the ice houses and sculptures including bridges, tunnels, houses of various styles and designs. Many with ice furniture and ice "stoves" although they did little to warm our hands in the frigid temperatures.

2013-01-17 12.08.52.jpg

Overall, we had a great time and fortunately many of the pictures turned out okay as well. Enjoy!

2013-01-17 12.08.14.jpg

2013-01-17 12.07.53.jpgOur Guide - She is Holding My "sled" for the Ice Slide

2013-01-17 11.31.42.jpg

2013-01-17 11.31.33.jpg

2013-01-17 12.11.01.jpg

2013-01-17 10.50.44.jpgAt a Local Art Museum Afterwards

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You live such a boring, predictable, passive life! How do you do it?

(Very flattered that I'm listed and recommended by you. Thank you!)

It appears far more glamorous and exciting than it really is, I assure you. lol

Thanks for stopping by and being a great supporter. I truly appreciate it.

Потрясающе, вы совершили путешествие о котором я только мечтаю. Проехать через всю Россию до Владивостока!!! И да, Байкал красив во все времена года, мне бы хотелось его увидеть!!! Фото очень хорошие.

I would love to see a "ice house". Look at that chair of ice, did anyone recognize the emblem on it? Amazing, although it might be way to cold for me.

They even had fish carved from ice on a kitchen counter also carved from ice. It was so cool. Lot's of fun.

wow that sounds so cool man!

That's what I would call fun on ice ;-).

Beautiful place and literally it's reflecting as ice world and i think you liked those ice houses. And in my opinion this place is perfect for the ice games and i never personally saw the snow but from these pictures it's reflecting beautiful. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

post like this are absolutely outstanding!!

You travelling place is must better for me. Because now I know about Ice Slide. Thank you very much.

What a neat adventure!! You've never gone back since then? I'd love to try out the ice slides :) Other than you guys, only the kids were playing? I'm surprised no other adults wanted to play on the slides.

There were no adults actually sliding that I remember. Most of them were smart and huddled inside the several cafes drinking coffee and tea while the kids played. They were probably the smart ones. The ice slides were so fun and very fast too. At the end of the slides, which were quite long, there was nothing but a pile of snow to stop you. You had to get up quickly or risk the next kid sliding into you. Several of the kids got going so fast that they flew right out of the berms in the track. We could have nothing like this is lawyerville America.

I want to go back, but not in Winter. My wife and I have thought to take a trip in the Fall one year before it gets too cold. We have a lot of friends in different cities along the route. Also, I want to see Baikal again when it isn't frozen over. It's a gorgeous place with the cleanest water in the world.

That looks amazing, though I not sure I could handle that cold!

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it is definitely a wake up call on how good I had it living in San Diego as a child. ;)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.