#Travel Diary 10 - Would you like to discover Black Sea Region with me?

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Hi Steemians,

I would like to take you to a region where you will be satisfied to see green and blue: Blacksea Region. Mountains, forests, waterfalls and springs with each season offering a different visual feast of the Black Sea Region is one of the most crucial in terms of Turkey's natural beauty. The region takes its name from Black Sea and takes place in the north of Turkey. Blacksea Region has a lot of cities and villages taking place along the Blacksea coast. So wherever you go in this region you will be enjoying to see this gigantic sea. The cities I have visited and will be sharing with you now are Gresun, Ordu.

The first city I have visited is Gresun. Giresun, having been chosen to have the cleanest air province of Turkey each year welcomes domestic and foreign tourists.

Giresun Castle

Giresun castle is one of the important castles bearing the past. In this context, the icon for Giresun is among the works. The Giresun Castle, which has not been suspected to be one of the important monuments in the past, although it has not much reminiscent of the old castle today, was built by Farnakes (1909 BC) son of Pontic King Mihridates on a hill close to the sea and the city was called Farnakyas .

Today there is not much left in the area where the castle is located except for the castle remains. However, there are a lot of visitors coming to see the panoramic view of Giresun as a result of position of castle and to watch the scenery and spend time in the area.

If you are asking a question about where best to watch Giresun city view, Giresun Castle may be the best place to meet your wishes.

After Giresun I have passed to Ordu. As I mentioned above, thse cities are next to each other in the Blacksea coast. It takes 1 hour to pass from Giresun to Ordu. The first thing to do in Ordu is going to Boztepe.
Boztepe, where you can see the green forests of the Black Sea, the army coastline and the blue sea view in one square, is one of the beauties that you can absolutely see and calm away from everything. This is a very unique view, and you can enjoy the unique view while drinking your tea or coffee in cafes and restaurants on the hill.

The most unusual activity you can do in Boztepe is paragliding. It is possible to descend from the hillside with paragliding accompanied by a wonderful view. Those who have a bit of courage, or those who have done paragliding in different places previously, definitely experience this experience in the unique view of Boztepe.

You can also enjoy this view with a different experience by choosing a cable car on your trip. The ski lifts are open during the summer season: weekdays and weekends between 09.00 - 23.00 hrs. You can enjoy the unique view while in cable car..

I hope you enjoyed my trip. I appreciate your supports. I would be glad to here your opinions.

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