Steem Travel : My Oslo Norway trip ! Enlightening people and amazing event ! Enjoy my pics

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Hey Steemians,
Came back from Oslo - Norway, I did attend this @bitspace event, from 14 to 18 October,
We had a very enlightening hackathon during the weekend. I had a chance to meet Steemit CEO aka @ned, and the some other active members. We were all very enthusiastic about our several projects and excited to be able to hack for almost 2 days with such talented people. An excellent example of what can be achieved when many minds meet to solve a problem and discuss about the future of a project.

Basically I went there to meet good people, to formalize some big projects i'm working on, and discuss about the future of the STEEM Blockchain.
I met some very nice people during this week-end : @spectral, @clains, @ned, @cass, @svk, @xeroc, @furion, @noisy, @good-karma, ... Hope to see you guys very soon in @steemfest Amsterdam

I won't give details on what happened during this @bitspace event, you can find all informations on few other posts and you can also check the videos.
Just wanted to share a few pictures and few comments

Welcome in Oslo, Lysaker - I decided to rent a nice AirBnB not far from the Fornebu Telenor Arena

Nice Appartment. I had a very nice stay.

68€ × 4 nights = 272€, Airbnb Fees (+VAT) 42€ (Hope we will have airbnb on blockchain without those fees very soon :D) Total 314€.

Telenor Arena, is a multi-purpose indoor arena located at Fornebu, outside Oslo, Norway. Serving as a venue for a variety of events, including concerts, exhibitions, shows, sport, and our Hackathon and cryptofinance event.

We were very well received by the @bitspace team. I was happy to meet my cyberfriend @clains in meatspace !

@spectral, @clains, Manuel and Christian did a nice opening speech

The (Steem) Trezor / chainsquad / bitshares / Streemian crew :D @svk, @xeroc, @cass, Those guys are just.. Amazing and very talented ! I was happy to meet @svk, then I could speak in French, and having @cass as smokin'partner, @xeroc is a serial coder he can code during a presentation, no joke, bright energetic funny

Having the call with Steemit team @svk, @xeroc, @cass, @ned, @good-karma, @furion

Had a very nice Restaurant, named LOCAL.

NO JOKE, they have WHALE FILET on the menu !

@furion decided give it a try. One Josper Grilled Whale Filet for him

@ned wanted to try, but he changed his mind ! Hard to eat your own kind i guess... So this is what a Whale filet looks like ! How does it taste @furion ?

I took the Beef Entrecôte. It was actually Excellent !

The Hackathon ended with a draw. Each team wins 2000STEEM

We closed this nice hackathon with a little meeting discussing about a Foundation

Bonus, @clains & @noisy, on the Workshop, 2 guys explaining 1 girl, how to use Steemit ! @noisy was very motivated :D
Check her post : Welcome @ionna !

A lot of people for this nice conference, which ended by @furion (SteemQ), then @good-karma presentation for eSteem

The End.

Photo - Credits : @ekitcho with my shit android mobile phone + Line Camera app

Some additionnal links

Hope you like those few pictures of this Steem Travel Episode 2.

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I'll be in Amsterdam @steemfest with my gf, my friend @fabien, his wife & kid ! Let's have fun together

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Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing hehe

Great foto-blog from the event! See you at #steemfest @ekitcho :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Great pictures :D Awesome meeting you. Happy we can meet again soon at Steemfest! :D

Great meeting you, man... looking forward to project announcement that you guys are working on :)
See you @steemfest soon, nice pictures btw ;)

awesome, thanks for bringing it home to us :)

Very cool, maybe you will be interested in my work