Steem Travel : My Japan trip ! Amazing news incoming ! Enjoy my pics

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Hey Steemians,
I just came back from Tokyo, Japan ! It was an awesome 12 days trip so I want to share some special pictures with you. Sorry I did not have much time to blog during the trip it was a business Trip.
I'm not a very good photographer, just used my standard Android Mobile phone + Line Camera a very useful app. Hope you'll appreciate.

The purpose of this trip was to meet my friend @jumpeiyamane who is involved in a startup helping engineer and several project hosting / organizing hackathons on new technologies, IoT, big data, VR and Blockchain etc. He is also the Japanese Ambassador of AngelHack and involved in Codeprep.

My goal was to introduce Steem & Steemit to him and some Japanese, convince them to be involved in this new revolution and launch couple ideas & projects... Well, it was successful and You can expect some crazy surprises to come :) I won't give too many business details in this post which is more a Travel/Food book. But be ready for some fun in Japan during 2017 !

Japan is an amazing country in various ways ! The culture, the food, and Last but not least: the Respect ! The first day I was so tired and I forgot my backpack on the Train platform with all my money, passport, computer inside... And the Train could not stop before 1 hour ! I was so in deep shit.. but a Japanese woman told me not to worry, that she was sure that nobody would dare to touch it ! And guess what, I came back 2 hours later, it was still there. %#? bless this country !
I live in France and can assure you there is no way it could end up well in my country...

Let's share some pics & comments (If you don't like Food, I'm sorry for you :D)

They talk Bitcoin on Japan TV ! Amazing !

We went to Connect The Dots which is a sharing / working office where you can use Wifi, conference room, white board, etc.

We met Joey Krug from Augur, and decided to start a small brainstorming on Blockchain together but it ended in a long talk about Augur and I did introduce Steem to him and our different projects. It's a very nice guy and he did glance at Steem Whitepaper but promised me to take a deeper look into it

Went to FabCafe, a very nice place where all tech, geek, developers, come to work, drink a coffee, and can use the Fab Lab which include a 3D Printer ! Amazing !

I show him a new project named SteemConnect and we talked about the @bitspace Oslo hackathon Event

We plan to print some Steem 3D Stuff... It will be very fun

This is Hachiko ! The famous japanese Akita dog, on Shibuya Place. A very cut street Cat came to sleep under Hachiko and attracted all tourists and photographers

If you come to Japan you must try Wagyu / Kobe beef ! It's not cheap but It tastes so good ! Best meat I've ever eat !

This is Ramen Noodle soup

Another Ramen

We worked on some very cool Place like a Shisha bar

Order your shisha / hookah, choose between several tastes

Working on Steem project in the Shisha Bar !

Shibuya Sunday street event

Do you like sushis ?

Or do you prefer Yakitori (Skewer) Set ?

The last day, Jumpei brought me to a very nice place, they call Izakaya,
It's a type of informal Japanese gastropub. They are casual places for after-work drinking and have been compared to Irish pubs and early American saloons and taverns.

So cool atmosphere, where people enjoying food and drinks after a hard day work

Some raw chicken & avocado, Japanese style

Talking with Jumpei about some innovative App we could build on Steem to change the world ! We finally decided to brainstorm a TOKYO Steem & Blockchain Event !

Yummy food!

That's the end ! The Waitress was so kind, she offers us dessert on a beautiful custom plate with our names. Such particular attentions to its client ! Lovely...

I hope you liked it !

Some additionnal links

Follow me for more love
I'll be in Oslo & Amsterdam ! Let's have fun together

Photo - Credits : @ekitcho

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

whoaaaaaaa Christopher next time i will come with u as photographer :-)

You should come at SteemFest ! :) it would be fantastic to have you as photographer there ;)

Awesome! Looked like a fun trip :D

Steem hackathon in Japan would be amazing :D

You revealed our secret silver bullet ! :)
In fact with @jumpeiyamane we're planning something even bigger than a hackathon, but you're part of it anyway :)

I am working on Shibuya dougenzka.
Thank you for introducing my favarite town!

You should contact @jumpeiyamane we will try to build a nice Japanese community on Steem :) Looks like we are more than expected ! ;)

I hope one day to see Japan

You must come if we organize an Event in 2017 ;)

I really hope I can come
Thank you ;)

Awesome bro :D keep up the good work :) I'm new to steem but im really feeling like this community is where I can grow and feel accepted.

Welcome in Steem world ! Thanks for your support. If you help the community growing and want to build nice things just go on ! you'll have everyone support, if not, i'll do my best to make that happen ;)
This is the steem vision we want to spread

Thanks bro ^_^

Wow! I'm hungry now after reading this. I love sushi!
I like the personal touch they did with the dessert.
Hachiko made me shred tears a great lot. So you actually made it where he's been waiting for his master.

Japan is so cool ! I hope you can come in 2017 @englishtchrivy ! You have a new follower i love korean food !

@ekitcho Japan is in my bucket list. I would love to go to Japan, experience it and taste Japan cooked Japanese food.
I bet it tastes freaking different than what I get here, I'm a fan of Rokusaburo Michiba of the Iron Chef. Most of his students said his cooking is magic, his food tastes like heaven. Tried some Japanese food from some of my students and they're delicious not to mention - healthy and well thought of.
Thank you for following me!

Cool, always want to go to the Japan. Very beautiful and hi tech country, with its own special traditions...And you had a good purpose, think, step by step we will conquer the world!

I'm sure we will :) Look top 5 internet users by country it's awesome, we must be everywhere ;)

I struggled to find good coffee in Tokyo, only found one really nice place. FabCafe looks amazing though, putting it on my list for next time!

You should try it ! Amazing place where you can meet creative people
They have several printers including a 3D printer, we will show some funny creations soon :)
if you go there let me know your impression/feedback on the place ;)

Superb post!

The food looks incredible!!! Upvoted :)

FabCafe is brilliant! We need to have those worldwide.

there s one in Bangkok too apparently ;)
In Strasbourg we have something like that but it's not a Café :(

I think it was a nice Trip :)

great trip, also remember that awesome movie with H.

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Very nice trip pictures!

I am living in japan and organizing blockchain/cryptocurrency sessions every Saturday in tokyo. come across couple of steem application and Interested to build application in Steemit.
It will be great to connect and discuss further. My telegram: @purushum