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RE: If you want to admire this beauty you must go there - New Zealand! 😊

in #travel5 years ago

Thanks, @procaptainjoe :) We traveled a whole month through this beautiful country. See some previous posts from Hobbiton. A magical place straight from the movie :)


wow im pretty upset that i wasn't following you way before when all of that was coming around... Im SO JEALOUS! and you're still there! thats a nice long vacation! wow i don't think i have ever been so jealous of anything or anyone!!!! im sorry i cant upvote all the rest of your posts cuz ya won't get anything from it, but i hope you keep coming up with more badass stuff like this. ill give you what i can here, and following for sure! love it!!! (if you cant tell im obsessed with lord of the rings) hahaha

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