If you want to admire this beauty you must go there - New Zealand! 😊

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Another beautiful lake, this time in Queenstown area. Photos are naturally vivid, you don't need to use photoshop. It is difficult to describe these impressions in words. You must feel yourself how this space attracts you.

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I know NZ is beautiful, as well as your photographs are, but it's so far away from Austria and time is a Problem when you've got 2 Kids ... maybe when I'm retired... 😀

From Europe it's even further ;) We traveled through New Zealand for a month with a one-year-old daughter. Everything is possible. It is worth a try.

Nice photo. It is a paradise looking view.

You are welcome @dominik.homa. thanks for your support.

Really beautiful!
I think I also should visit NZ! ;-)

wuao nature giving us so much beauty is a great show

Wow so beautiful. It looks Exactly where I'm from, whidbey island Washington! Cold and beautiful! Are you just visiting? Get some pictures of the lord of the rings tour for me! So beautiful!

Thanks, @procaptainjoe :) We traveled a whole month through this beautiful country. See some previous posts from Hobbiton. A magical place straight from the movie :)

wow im pretty upset that i wasn't following you way before when all of that was coming around... Im SO JEALOUS! and you're still there! thats a nice long vacation! wow i don't think i have ever been so jealous of anything or anyone!!!! im sorry i cant upvote all the rest of your posts cuz ya won't get anything from it, but i hope you keep coming up with more badass stuff like this. ill give you what i can here, and following for sure! love it!!! (if you cant tell im obsessed with lord of the rings) hahaha

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The best picture with beautiful sky..

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