One of the many beautiful rivers on the way to Milford Sound 🏞️ 🌲

in travel •  9 months ago


The road to Milford Sound is considered the most beautiful way in the world. The views are beautiful, the wildlife and the wildness of nature make a huge impression.
You can read more about this way here:

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Wow..i love this ...nature is indeed beautiful


yes, nature has everything what we need for happiness

Beautiful landscape.


yes, a special place

Nice picture.. Very cool, the air was very fresh.


and cold ;)

ahh Did you catch it on a non foggy day? When we took a boat in Milford sound, it was pretty foggy so we couldn't see anything! Apparently there are only a couple days out of the year that it is not foggy and crystal clear!


there was no fog but it was raining :)

It looks very beautiful that place, I imagine that the weather should feel cold due to the humidity of the forest!


yes, it was cool but the place warms up the heart

How beautiful it is. Thank you for showing road to Milford Sound!
The rapid mountain stream pleases and delights the imagination.
Amazing paintings.
And a very good angle.
Bravo, @dominik.homa
I wish you a great stay in such a wonderful place.


Wow! Such a beautiful shot of an incredibly beautiful place! Looks pretty cold there though.