One more time beautiful Milford Sound! ⛰️ 🚤 📸

in travel •  9 months ago


This place makes a huge impression on visitors. In this beautiful place you can see wild nature, untouched by human hand. I had such a thought that thousands of years ago Europe could look like this before being dominated by a man.

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Very beautiful!!!


Yes, this place is very special, it's worth being there at least once in a lifetime

This is really an amazing sight

Where is this ? It look similar to Mauritius, but it's not.


This is New Zeland, Milford Sound :)

New Zealand is a fabulous country.

Thank you for beauty
and scenic views, @dominik.homa

amazing you can take photos among rumputan like that

Wow The scenery is too beautiful! It would be fantastic to live in a place like that full of beautiful places to know