A cruise on the Milford Sound 🛥️ ⛰️ 🌦️

in travel •  7 months ago

In the rainiest place on earth, we could not avoid the rain. The views were breathtaking.☺️

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woooww .. is amazing
I see this like a place in the film of kingkong


:) I have not seen this movie but in fact the place is unique

very nice friends. is it fog or cloudy?


Mostly clouds :)

Beautiful! What camera did you use? Thanks!


Thanks :) I use GoPro6


Nice cam ;)

Great video, @dominik.homa
I enjoyed watching it.
I wanted it!
Thanks for sharing!

Best wishes from @singa


Wow would be great to go on a surf and know more about that place is very beautiful the scenery that shows, I want to see more but my internet does not allow me