Bench at the edge of the forest 🚶

in travel •  5 months ago


You can find a lot of great places in New Zealand. Some are very intimate, like the old wooden beautifully decorated bench at the edge of the forest.
The climate of this place is reminiscent of the Hobbit movie. You can feel the magic of this place after a short moment. I found the bench when I went to a waterfall.

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New Zealand is a place I would like to travel to one day. Love the picture, very peaceful.

It's a magical place, it looks really amazing to have a good time
good photo @ dominik.homa


Thanks! :)

wuao girl this is an amazing place, fantastic to read or is alone with someone special, but the weather and the landscape lends itself, wonderful picture good work


Thank you :)

A comfortable forest makes our mind refresh

It really looks like a nice place to relax with loved once.



It is really nice place to have a small break either heading towards to that forest or coming out from hiking. I love benches, every time I think that probably someone who was himself hiking around felt tired and decided then to make a bench there.

I remember couple of years ago when it was very stormy and few strong trees fallen down, the foresters made chunky benches out of the strong trunks, that was looking like in fairy tale that giants made a benches, but was nice to have a rest on such unusual bench :)


Great story. Also when I saw this bench, I wonder who sat there before. I like to read as someone writes in a sensitive way. Thanks!

With such a beautiful scenery it could be a good place to propose marriage! I love :)