Luxembourg Confirms Plans For Cannabis Legalization

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Luxembourg is set to become the first country in Europe that will move forward with legalizing cannabis. They have also called on other neighboring countries to also take a look at easing their own restrictions on cannabis as well.

Luxembourg has been considered the 2nd richest country in the world, and it's also considered to be one of the safest as well.

Recently, the Health Minister for Luxembourg confirmed that their drug policy they've worked with for decades now isn't working.

It's time for a change, because simply looking to forbid these cannabis-related activities hasn't been able to achieve the goal of deterring people from using the substance etc.

They are hoping that eventually many more people will become open-minded toward this plant and re-evaluate their attitude overall when it comes to drugs.

They will join a growing list of countries now that are looking to do away with decades-old rules that have arguably fueled more of the problem, than helping to solve it. They are countries like Uruguay, Thailand, Jamaica, Canada, and the United States; more areas continue to legalize for recreational or medicinal purposes, or decriminalize.

The War On Drugs Doesn't Work

It doesn't keep people safer, it fuels violence and threatens the safety of communities as a result.

Thousands of innocent people have lost their lives in this war, and they didn't need to. Because at the end of the day we don't need to wage a war over victimless crimes, that is a choice that we make and we can choose to change the narrative.

Within 2 years, it's expected that those in Luxembourg who are 18 years or older, will be able to legally purchase cannabis for recreational use.

And who knows by then how many other regions might have made the decision to do the same.


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It's about time. They are clogging up the court systems here with this and then they turn around and slap them on the wrists.

So, just legalize it and cut out that middle man. Then the US can tax it! ;)

Win-win, right?

Will it really take them two years to institute it?


Yeah, we have peculiar double standards here which inevitably lead to inequalities and injustices about how cases are handled.

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Just don’t do what Canada is doing. It’s all about getting rich. Insider trading. Ponzi schemes. Pump and dump scams. The rich are getting very rich up here.

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