Exploring Abandoned Seoul!

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After stumbling upon a random abandoned area in Seoul the other day (which can be seen here), I decided that I wanted to go back to take some more pictures. The problem? I wanted to go back at night. I am not someone who is scared of the dark, or of being alone, but this place honestly terrified me to visit at night.

However, then I told my friend about it and he was instantly curious. Where was it? How could we visit there? When could we go? Neither of us wanted to go alone, and he missed exploring abandoned places from his home. Later that night we decided to go together.

A Terrifying Journey


The reward at the end of a terrifying journey

The first thing you notice when entering this place is that it is so quite... There is no noise at all. It is like its own area within Seoul, an area that is secluded from the rest of it. An area totally unique.

We started off just looking around the streets and looking into windows and such, but we gradually became more daring and started looking around more. We went into a few places using our phones as flashlights, and everywhere we looked we just found ruin. Everything was destroyed to some degree, whether just slightly destroyed or totally destroyed and falling apart.

After a while we found an open six story building (none of the buildings there had windows, they have all been smashed all over the ground). We decided since it was the tallest building in the area that we would climb it. On each floor there were two totally open apartments, enough to make the journey truly scary and to make me always be checking behind us. By the end of the six flight of stairs we found the roof, and the amazing view that greeted us.


Staying on the roof wasn't all pleasant though. At times we thought we heard footsteps or people moving. We had skateboards that we could use to defend ourselves if the worst came to the worst, but luckily it didn't. We had no idea what to expect when going into this area, would there be homeless? Drug dealers?

We found some homeless people's possessions (which we left alone), but no homeless people thankfully. We were able to travel through this place with only our own apprehension and fear always causing us to worry.


There were cats but no people. Destruction where normally there would only be order. One thing is for certain: It didn't feel like Korea at all. The streets covered in glass, roofs falling down, and balconies barely attached to buildings.


In the end though, it's all part of the city that I love, the coolest city in the world. A place like this is one of the last things I expected to find here, but it's just another thing that adds to why the city is so unique and special.

Any questions and/or comments are welcome! Ask down below and I will try my best to answer them :)


A fascinating blog with great night time images @devi1714 Friends certainly do come in handy especially when you want to visit abandoned buildings in the dead of night. Very brave of you both but the photos were well worth it (knowing that you didn't come to any harm) as they are superb and as you say, it is all part of the city you love. Thanks so much for sharing this night time jaunt and your superb photos. (Resteemed.)

You two are very brave people! I wouldn't have visited such a place by night, that's for sure :)

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