Lonely Beaches that still exist - Haad Khom Beach at Koh Phangan, Thailand

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Yes, there are still some more or less lonely beaches

To reach this places still need some efforts, but way less as many years ago.


Haad Khom Beach at Koh Phangan is such a nice Place

We did a short trip to this lovely place and I did a Buch of pictures to share this with you.

Another view to the beach


Houses to rent

There are some simple bungalows for rent if you like to stay a few days or just one night.

Looks quite nice an relaxed.


There is as well a restaurant to serve you some food.


What to do

Sure, after some walking and / or sitting on the beach you might love to have a look into the water.


The visibility wasn’t great and the water was quite warm. But what did you expect from such a nice white sanded beach.

A few more views

A little walk brings more and different perspectives to that beach. Enjoy what I found.


Some ropes for stretching or climbing or to put your hammock.

A sleeping dog

How to find that beach

As usual, here is my link to the SteemitWorldMap. Here is the Link http://steemitworldmap.com?post=lonely-beaches-that-still-exist-haad-khom-beach-at-koh-phangan-thailand

[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 9.798162 lat 100.015349 long Haad Khom Beach d3scr


The road to the beach

As I said, nowadays it is a bit more easy to reach. I remember my first thailand travels in late 80s where you need to go better by boat or by a few hours trekking through the forest.


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It looks very peaceful and beautiful👌

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That looks like a nice and relaxing beach.

The beach really looks nice, I would love to walk and swim there!!