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Hello there all my Steem friends!! Those of you that follow me have undoubtedly noticed that awhile back I totally disappeared from the internet. And it is probably no surprise to many of you that I've been adventuring deep in the wilderness in the Sierra Nevada mountains! It was quite the amazing trip filled with all kinds of incredible experiences which I will never forget. I'm back home now, but not for long. Right now I am getting ready for a trip to Arizona where I'm going to be backpacking in the Grand Canyon for a couple weeks! I'm super excited about it, but before I take off again I wanted to get on here and give everyone here an update about me and a little sneak peak of some of the amazing places I've been exploring!! So for all of these places I will be doing full trip reports in the future when I can dedicate some time to them, but for now here are some photos to tease you and get you excited for the plethora of epic wilderness adventure blogs that will be coming after my return from Arizona!


Blooming Bigelow's sneezeweed near Pterodactyl pass

Alpine glow at Sphinx lakes

Hiking through the Atwell Mill Grove of Giant Sequoias

On the banks of the Kings River

Twin peaks from Twin lakes

Climbing on the Amphitheatre Domes

Passing Mehrten Meadows

Fishing at upper Crystal Lake during sunset

Overlooking Lone Pine Creek canyon

Hiking through the Giant Forest on a foggy day

On the summit of Mt. Silliman

A beautiful Brook Trout

Waterfalls along Lone Pine creek

Standing in a massive burn scar on a Giant Sequoia tree

Climbing on Mineral Peak

Arriving at Moose lake after crossing the Tablelands

Views from Coppermine Pass. Cloud canyon on the right and Deadman canyon on the left.

Looking up at two Giant Sequoias

Blue Dome, Sugarbowl Dome, and the Great Western Divide from the High Sierra Trail

Looking northwest from Triple Divide Peak

Upper Sphinx lakes

The Horn

Looking north from the summit of Mt. Brewer

Views from the summit of Sawtooth peak

On the shores of Lonely lake

And unfortunately that's gonna be it for now. But as I said earlier I do plan to make fully detailed trip reports for all of my adventures in the future. So although it will probably be almost a month before they start coming out, be rest assured that many epic adventure blogs will be coming!! Until then I wish you all well and thank you again for joining me in this epic adventure we call life!



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Epic! what a great trip bro. I like the summit pictures with you in them. What's your plan for the Grand Canyon? South to the north rim?

It was definitely one of my best trips ever! The plan for Grand Canyon is all setup by my mom but from what I know we're going down South Bass trail to Royal Arch and Elves Chasm. Then we're gonna stay on the (south)rim a day or 2 and day hike to Battleship Rock. Then we're going down the Tanner trail to the Little Colorado river.

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Thank you!

Superb pics, uncle Derek!

Looks like you had a great adventure time!

Thank you @thekitchenfairy. I had so many great adventures on this trip!

Holy cow! Great pics for sure, @derekrichardson. I am so glad to see them. I will get with you in Discord soon. Lot's going on and all I could do it vote daily with socalsteemit I hope you got some good curation rewards anyway.

Thank you @fitinfun! Honestly, it's hard to take a bad picture with such awesome scenery!

No kidding. I cannot wait to see your detailed posts, @derekrichardson. Do it for me, since I could only go maybe 400 meters :)

He says "disappeared" then returns with pictures like these. *heart melts.

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Haha! And this is just a little teaser!

These are stunning photos, can't wait to read the full report

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Mmmm Thank you!

Wow what a fantastic outdoor adventure! Those massive trees must have seen a lot throughout the years. I am imagining you had a nice meal with the fish that you caught.

Beautiful place

The Sierra Nevada mountains are incredibly beautiful!

hey dear @derekrichardson, your photos are beautiful and they made us want to put this destination on the list of trips to do :-)) as a walking experience we only have the path of santiago de Compostela in Spain where we walked for 40 days and there it seemed an incredible adventure !! did you travel with the tent? do you always go walking?
keep on and congratulations on your curie rating

Thanks @road2horizon! These trips were all backpacking trips where I stayed in a tent way out in the wilderness. The Sierra Nevada is an amazing mountain range, you should most definitely put it on your list! There is a seemingly endless amount of amazing places to see out there!

wow it sounds so good !! i want to do it .-))

Wow, amazing pictures and places! Thanks for the sneak peak and have a great time at the Grand Canyon!

Thanks @brian.rrr! I'm sure the Grand Canyon trip is gonna be awesome!

Those are some fantastic pictures! You must have had the best time.

I've never heard of Pterodactyl Pass before; awesome name. I spent some time visualising what it must have been like with dinosaurs trumbling through there. :)

Thanks @wwwiebe! I had a blast! I'm not sure how Pterodactyl Pass got it's name. It makes me wonder if maybe someone found some Pterodactyl bones there.

I LOVE seqouia. I may even create a sequoia themes telos software one day as they name everything after trees and squerrels and forests etc

HEY MAN come post under the #sandiego tag next time, even if your just in california,im sure you can mention SD :D https://steemsandiego,.com needs your california content! I may even start a california tribe for my #bear token for @eoscalifornia since i hate not getting these amazing CA themed posts in my San Diego tribe. I plan on having Bay area tribe, and los Angels tribe, but this would fit in the sierranevadas lol so we would need a California tribe

im trying to work as close as I can with @socalsteemit :) I would love to get people behind the BEAR token for the BEAR tribe, and I can issue 1 token to every california resident as planned but we can always start over, use a new token with 1 billion max supply so we can airgrab to EOS genesis account holders, cross chain steem = EOS california tribe... could be fun

until then we can use SAND and ill upvote you with SAND tokens :)

Thanks @ackza for stopping by and checking out my post! Sequoia and Kings are the best!

I would have used #sandiego, but I felt it would be a bit odd since my post is so far from SD. But I really love all your ideas and it makes me really excited to find someone else that is interested in building the Steem community of California!! And once I return from Arizona in a few weeks I look forward to talking with you a lot more and working together on SoCal Steemit. My ultimate vision is to have a SoCal group and a NorCal group that could both work together and use the #bear token and then each group could be broken down into smaller tribes for each county. Each county having a tribe leader that can plan meetups and whatnot for the local group. Then maybe once a year plan a big meetup for all of the California steemians. Although I'm pretty good at running the contests and planning meetups I am not the most tech savvy guy and it sounds to me like you are. So I'm really excited to get to work with you. Lets get Steem all over California!!

wow wow What a great trip. The photographs are spectacular. I loved the two Giant Sequoias because I remembered my biology studies. A big hello @derekrichardson and we hope many photographs and stories of your next trip

Big hello @marcybetancourt! It was a really great trip. The Giant Sequoias were incredible!

Hello Hello!

My God!!!!!! I absolutely loved the photos, congratulations ♡♡♡

Greetings from Venezuela

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos. Greetings from California!

Absolutely breathtaking!!!

It was so amazing!

I think it's good to be away in internet for some time. To feel relax and relieved, but also your adventures was worth it anyway. All good and glad to have you back

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Thanks @mrnightmare89! It was good to get away from the internet and just spend some time with nature.

Damn dude. Even your badass post or high quality original content received a substantial downvote. Lame.

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By an inactive account that somehow has 14,000SP. Goddam haters. lol. I knew the changes to downvoting was gonna cause problems.

Awesome photos! I will wait for the full story of adventure. I, as a sofa inhabitant, are interested in everything)))

Thanks @amalinavia! The full trip reports will start coming out in a few weeks.

What an amazing adventure you had! Those scenic views are jaw-droppingly gorgeous!!! I can understand why you will not forget this momentous adventure that you had. 💕

Thank you for sharing this with us. Can't wait for your Grand Canyon escapade as well.

What a trip, amazing photos of landscapes.

It was an amazing trip for sure!