Tourism is the sweat of the Sundarbans

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  • Kutka-Kakhakhali at risk
  • Inside the sanctuary everywhere in the world, travelers are certainly not allowed to do this
  • Wildlife have changed their activities during their oppression

March night On the jetty of the Katka sanctuary, moored a launch in the jetty. The deer that was grazing in the field of grazing, these people were afraid of the audio of anchor.

Bhati Period. Releasing the stream of garbage from the unknown person launch is just as such. The juice of juice, actually zero packets of biscuits, normal water bottles, chanachur, pomegranate peas, and the foodstuff is going towards the sea.

As a whole, being unfaithful launches anchored this Sundarban's Sharankhola Range in the Katka canal. Of those, two professional tourism companies have ships, the rest of the seasonal tourism firm. According to the range of passengers taking the people, the professional tourism companies take those passengers. Seasons festivities take those passengers-taking twice their capacity Even more than 50 people are generally not taken in any start of professional organization. On the other hand, in the cold weather, seasonal companies helped bring about 300 people to ship. The waste is also removed from these ships.

March evening Within the jetty of the Katka sanctuary, anchored a release in the jetty. The deer that was grazing in the field of grazing, they were frightened of the sound of anchor.

Bhati Time. Launching the stream of rubbish from the stranger release is as such. The juice of juice, no packets of biscuits, drinking water bottles, chanachur, pomegranate peas, and the food is certainly going towards the sea.

Found in total, 9 launches moored this Sundarban's Sharankhola Selection in the Katka channel. Of these, two professional tourism companies have boats, the rest of the seasonal tourism organization. In accordance to the number of passengers taking the travellers, the professional tourism companies take the passengers. Temporary festivities take the passengers-taking twice their capacity A lot more than 50 people are not consumed any launch of professional organization. However, in the winter, seasonal companies brought about two hundred or so and fifty individuals to deliver. The waste is also removed from these delivers.

One Banmazhi said, at some time up to 30 roll-outs had nightclubs in the waters of Katka-Kanchikhali haven.

In the meantime, the whole area has recently been raised. The forest is shaking at the start of every launch electrical generator. The brightness of the launches disappeared from the forest of the forest. A few enthusiastic searchlights of the launches are spreading the jungle. Square area rug of forest and the light of the light of the forest Sargram. Who will say it is safe?

During the shooting from the Swamp Tiger woods Documentary in 2001, Dépanneur Mike was taking images of tigers in front side of a hard-fodder ahead of the litter. Mike said, the searchlight light sometimes dropped on the tiger. Then a children of the tigers were afraid to leave their buddies and drop them off out of fear.

Another morning, the passengers were getting in the mechanical boat from each launch. Passenger bridging boat is heavy in tourism. Passengers of your fishing boat stand up, sit in certain. The Jamatla jitla heading towards the jee. Hazards that are dangerous for tourists to navigate, there can be a major accident at any time. Not only because crocodile-sharks, the tension in the corridor of the estuarine, it can eat good swimmers.

Asked the passengers of the return boat, almost everyone said, two wild birds, monkeys or deers have been found. There is no expert guide on other boats except professional boats. So many people are unknown, they observed what they saw.

Because of to the increase in tourists' dhapadipa Kaltka heading to the beach on the haribonate to go swimming in the beach. Dapadapi is not allowed in the sanctuary everywhere in the world. In their oppression, the crazy animals of Katka-Kanchikhali have changed in the daily working hours. By breaking natural rules temporarily, it can not survive.

For eight o'clock in the morning, Jamatla Khaled ended up with mechanical boat. In accordance to the forest guidelines, the mammals and parrot groups in this darker sunshine go to the shadow place. Winter season is good for lizards and insects. It was seen as a brownish peacock fish, black seafood, white neck fish, big blacksmith, woodpecker, yellow jute woodpecker, mascad phinfut, bhimaraj, fatikal, bajji tuntunidi My spouse and i also available some apes, a nest, some deer. Tigers and ovens were found to experience a clean impact.

A century ago, the British Indian royal woods department built beautiful woodlands in Katkar Char. Following the increase in the terrorist movement, British people were hunted and discovered after Christmas or Easter gathered in the Kutka bungalow. During the Pakistaner period, foreign investors would be advertised regularly. Following the independence of Bangladesh, Katka-Kanchikhali was overwhelmed by the slightest neglect of the Hieran Point or Nilkamal. But right from the start of the 21st century, marketers commenced to fade in the crushing of tourists.

Presently there is no provision of granting tourist access to the sanctuary under forest law. A senior forest official asked not to disclose the name, this individual was extremely anti-tourists. Nobody should be allowed to enter the jungle, especially at night, especially for some professional tourists, especially at nighttime. Experiencing India's experience, the tourists are not allowed to your stream zone in the Sunderbans, except for a tiny area.


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