Exciting Adventure with Friends in Dieng Winter Sonata, Jalatunda.

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Hello dtuber all ...
Today my family and I returned to adventure to the most popular natural attractions in Jalalunta with friends, namely "Telaga Dieng Menjer Batu Retapan Angin" .

Dieng is a former ancient volcanic mountain that is no longer active, in a former volcanic eruption of course will leave the rest of the natural sculptures in the form of hills, protruding rocks irregular and artistic cliffs as well as wind lapping rocks above the lake color.

Batu Ratapan Angin is two boulders side by side and is located on a hill around the Dieng Plateau Theater. This location is a strategic location to enjoy the beauty of the Pengilon lake with the perfect natural landscape.

Like a canvas that has been painted, the perfection of Telaga color paintings can be enjoyed in detail from the top of the stone that forms a rather square and the other stands firmly beside it, wind gusts often feel tight and cause hissing sounds like people lamenting sadness, maybe that's why these two stones were given name of stone lament.

In ancient societies, the occurrence of a place is usually associated with a story that accompanies it, just as this lamentation stone is associated with stories of loyalty and betrayal, it is said that in ancient times there lived a handsome prince and beautiful daughter who became his partner, they lived peacefully in full love, their journey of life often becomes the material of stories everywhere and even becomes a role model for their people.

The fate of anyone who knows, the trials of life who will know, until the incident really happened to humans, as the journey of the love story of a pair of human beings got a very heavy ordeal with the presence of a third person who teased the princess, the intrigues of love began appeared and disturbed the relationship between the two, the princess who had originally faithfully began to falter her faith and was entangled in a forbidden love affair, betrayal, lies launched to cover up the affair between the princess and her mistress.

An ugliness, covered in almost any way will eventually open too, the news began to circulate about it and the prince secretly investigated itself about the truth of the story conveyed by some of his aides.

Like being struck by lightning, how shocked the prince was when he witnessed his life partner alone in love with his mistress of the upper forest of Telaga Warna, not only the prince was shocked, the princess was no less surprised to witness the arrival of her husband who had been betrayed, a dispute between the three men , many times the princess apologizes to the prince while crying and wailing but the princess's dark lover actually commits a vicious act by trying to kill the prince, the famous prince of the mandraguna becomes angry and mobilizes his knowledge of kanuragan to fight the lover dark of the princess.

A tremendous typhoon occurred in that location, many trees were uprooted from the roots, the hills were ravaged, on the sidelines of his anger the prince cursed the two of them to become stone, some time later the princess transformed into a sitting stone and her dark lover turned into a stone who stood up.

After the incident some time later the prince still frequently visited this location to make sure both were still there as a lesson for his people about honesty and betrayal, the wind in this location was blowing hard and hit the hill walls which then produced a strange sound, "this is the sound lament of remorse from both of them "said the prince to his people, then from that moment on, the perched stone was called the lamentation stone.

That's the story of Dieng Lake. Behind this beautiful tourist spot has an interesting story in the past. Hopefully this will also appeal to all DTuber friends, and please watch the video to see this place.

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