Slow Down, Tourist – Dark And Light Stories Of Nürnberg

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Nürnberg, Germany, was one of the most important cities in the country and has a very interesting history from the Middle Ages to the emperors and the Nazis. But many tourists are staying only a few days, running from one place to other.

I’m the tourist guy who stays 10-15 days at the same place to know it better, so let me show you some interesting details and comment them. The nicest pics you can find in some other places. Let’s begin with an ugly torture chamber:

061 Nürnberg 08a.jpg
Torture chambers

Torture in the middle ages was a very common method, the municipal chambers and the prison vaults can be accessed from near the town hall.

But generally speaking, there are a lot of vaults, labyrinths, bunkers, and cellars below the city. Beer manufacturing cellars are often visited by tourists, but for example, a guided tour in the defensive basements of the city walls, rarely. (There was only guided tour in German as I was there.) The air-raid shelters, where also survived the treasures of the city can also be visited.

061 Nürnberg 02a.jpg
Air-raid shelters inside the hill

Staying below the surface, I liked very much the metro (subway) station in the moat, inside the walls or fortifications. The subway is also famous for its early driverless construction.

061 Nürnberg 04a.jpg

The Nazism you can find in various places, first in a museum at a park, in the building of an unfinished amphiteatre of Hitler. Another municipal museum can be visited with a Nazism exposition, and by huge monuments at several outdoors places. This horrible picture explains who can be German, and who is Jude, who mixture, and who can marry whom:

061 Nürnberg 05a.jpg

This is the large stage from where Hitler spoke to his people, some imbeciles can’t resist the temptation to use the Nazi salute:

061 Nürnberg 10a.jpg

The Nazi problem persists, the Neo-Nazis are marching again or hurting people, this anti-fascist propaganda is warning about them:

061 Nürnberg 01a.jpg

But, I think, communists made more or less the same amount of damage and suffering to humanity as did nazis/fascists. In Germany, communists are also strong, this is the poster of a "radical" communist party:

061 Nürnberg 19a.jpg

The Soviet Union “liberated” Germany in 1945, so it’s soldiers raped a lot of women and took many prisoners of war. Many men never returned from Stalin’s slave camps, some only long-long time after the war. This board is remembering the missing prisoners and other disappeared people:

061 Nürnberg 16a.jpg

In war times the kids were playing also with Nazi toys, the town has a very nice and large toy museum where tourists mostly don't go:

061 Nürnberg 03a.jpg

The Germans are famous for their affinity to orderliness, “Deutsche Ordnung”, “German order”. A funny example is this parking place for dogs. I hope the dogs are also disciplined and don’t eat each other while waiting for their mistresses:

061 Nürnberg 14a.jpg

But, obviously, to keep the German order, bicycles can’t be parked with the puppies, they need an extra bicycle parking place (only for customers). Do dogs eat bicycles, by the way? Or only bikers?

061 Nürnberg 13a.jpg

Nürnberg has a nice Zoo, and the main attraction – I think about 600 miles from all the seas – are dolphins, a rare dolphin species.

061 Nürnberg 09a.jpg

But I liked also very much the mini-piggies. Germans, in general, eat a lot of pork, in some restaurants, it was difficult to find other meats. Eight-nine meals of ten was made of pork meat.

061 Nürnberg 24a.jpg

Just a wig shop. A pleasant photo theme, they aren’t moving all the time like living persons:

061 Nürnberg 12a.jpg

Not the best parking place for an Alpha Romeo:

061 Nürnberg 17a.jpg

A font set from the 16th century (from Albrecht Dürer). With this view, you learn to appreciate modern word processor software:

061 Nürnberg 20a.jpg

Should I mark it NSFW? Children are playing on this square, near an indecent sculpture group:

061 Nürnberg 21aa.jpg

If you go to Nürnberg, go to Fürth (only some stations with the subway), there are also a lot of medieval houses:

061 Nürnberg 23a.jpg

I think it’s not easy to sell books nowadays, you can take books from this cupboard for free and they ask you only for putting another book:

061 Nürnberg 22a.jpg

I say Good By with a typical, obligatory cliché tourist photo from the old town and castle at the end:

061 Nürnberg 18a.jpg

The previous part of this series:

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that red car though!

Great article, showing some of the most interesting parts of Nuremberg. I used to live and work in the wider area, and even for me, there was something new in it. Thanks for sharing!

a quite symbolic city where it shows how far we come as humanity, it is really quite sad and laughable that led us to madness is an oxymoron of mixed feelings greetings and my respect my support with my vote.

This is exactly why I will never travel with a "package" or tourist group to anywhere. When I travel I want to take my time and go wherever I want. I want to experience the place like a local would. It's either that or I just won't go.

The photographs are beautiful. Thank you for show us this city


No, son fotos mediocres, algunas se han movido, y casi siempre había nubes así que las luces no son bonitas. Pero era una buena excusa para contar historias cortas.


The cover Photo Yes it is

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Love the wig shop display

Excellent post that details several facets of this wonderful city, has so much history, in each brick has something to tell, something that stood out was how this city managed to get out of the crises that left the Second World War, it is a place of fighters

nice Dark And Light photo capture i like it resteemed your post @insomniacsk

Amazing picture taking and given the information.@aryaan

Excellent article. The way you tried to elaborate each & everything point by point is simply outstanding.
Nurnberg witnessed many dark days. Given many sacrifices. But never fall apart.
But now everything changed. Its happy life everywhere.
Pictures you shared are very beautiful and also remembers us some of past events.
Thanks for letting us know about this place.
Please do share many more such interesting articles.

Hi. Thank you for sharing these worderful and beautiful pictures. I have always found interesting the German architecture, its history. One of my dreams is to travel and know places. I´ll follow now and hope to see more of this marvelous content. Keep it up.

Nice post i like it and thank you for sharing this beautiful post with us

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I was hoping that you went to drive the Nurnbergring! Its on my bucket list to take a beautiful car around europe on a grand tour and check out that track!
Great post!

@deathcross necesito un buen grupo que me recomiendas?

What a great trip! lol... I was just going to skim this and ended up with that feeling of having to "watch next week for the following episode"... Guess I'll go read the previous part :0)

Great article, showing some of the most interesting parts of Nuremberg. Place of Heros or Fighters. Excellent post that details several facets of this wonderful city, has so much history, in each brick has something to tell, something that stood out was how this city managed to get out of the crises that left the Second World War. Thanks for sharing this post.

Such a great tour of photos ! I too often stay 2 weeks plus if I can. I was in zagreb for almost a month . Really feel like a local after a few weeks