South Tirol - shooting at -23 degree Celsius

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Hey all,

today, I'd like you to follow me on a journey through this winter's Alto Adige-experience (South Tirol). As I have mentioned before, I am no man of big words, so it will be more pictures than text I am afraid.
Let`s start with my personal favorite. We took the early bird offer and went up to the summit before sunrise in one of the coldest winters in a long time. Speikboden was the name of the mountain that has an amazing 360 degree view from the top. To be honest, even though we checked the weather forecast and prepared ourselves for the cold,... it was freezing as f***. minus 23 degrees and wind that made yyour face fall off. We all had freezer burn all over our nose and cheeks... Let me tell you about all the mistakes we encountered while shooting this sunrise...

1st of all: We started setting up tripod and cameras on the top... try to operate any of the buttons and screws on you camera... Your hands will fall off^^... the plate that goes onto your cam... well I wanted to change it to the lens.., big mistake. It took me a few minutes so I couldn't feel my hands until after the the whole event^^
My advice... set everything before going outside...

2nd... keep your batteries close to your body... they will discharge within 20min... So keep'em warm....

3rd... don't bring back your gear from -23 to room temperature... it will get sopping wet immediately.....

All sorts of things we had to learn the hard way. It all worked after drying it so no biggy. Still, we were kinda shocked how stupid it was to ignore simple physics.

Anywho: a few more results:




A wonderful experience seeing the colors change with the sun coming up. The wind took the snow over the edges and made it even more picturesque. Some cloud left overs were caught between the mountains that added nicely to the frame.


And last but not least, some winter wonderland down in the valleys of South Tirol.

let me know what you think ;)



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Wow I am highly impressed. How have I not seen and followed you yet!? Cant wait to see more!

Hello @davedavis91, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Hey @creativecrypto , thanks for stopping by, appreciate the appreciation ;) See ya soon!

What a photographer wouldn't do for a good picture? :) Shooting in -23 degrees sounds a bit extreme but hey, the photos are amazing! I can almost feel how freezing cold it was!

Thank you for sharing!

google said -18 at the bottom... top said -23... but the wind felt like ... OMG burning of your face... Never felt anything like it

@delishtreats thank you for your comment! appreciate the lines

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