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RE: Travel: Cycling to Cala Anguila, Mallorca

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This beach Looks awesome ! Im definitely a bit jealous hehe

One way I found to deal with belongings is to bring one of these waterproof bags, don't know what they are called really, but they don't cost much.

So what you do is you dig a pit cover it up and then put your towels on top of it. Later when you leave just dig it up again.

As long as it's the middle of the day no grown up is gonna start digging like crazy on the beach and you will have time to see and catch the thief before they find your buried treasure hehe

Make sure the towels don't get blown away by the wind otherwise you might have to be digging there for a while heheh


Nice tip! I can see some reasons why it could fail, I for one would be watching someone dig a hole waiting to dig up this treasure (is it bircoins or gold they are hiding?!) when the coast is clear 😁

A gust of wind could also spell disaster!

Hehe It definitely could end bad. Soon hopefully we can use a smart watch to do all payments, which of course should be water proof, and then we don't have to worry about the other stuff. I hear some people Chip their fingernails but that just isn't for me hehe

Smart watch for cash, keys, and phone sounds good!

And I've found chips under my nails more than once!

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