Quote of the day: “Great things are done when men and mountains meet.”

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Dear Steemit friends and followers,

With the weekend being over soon and the new week ahead of us, let me take this moment to share one of my favorite travel quotes with you.

Source: Brainy Quote, author: William Blake, famous English poet, painter, and printmaker.

“Great things are done when men and mountains meet.”

What do you think of this interesting quote, my fellow Steemians? What is your attitude to mountains - do you like climbing them or do you prefer exploring natural beauties of lower altitudes? What is the highest mountain/hill you have ever been atop of?

Let me know in the comments below, I am looking forward to your stories and experiences :)

Have a great start to the new week and Steem on!

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I definitely believe that people have been drawn to mountains for several reasons, one of which is simply how pristine and overwhelming they are in any landscape (it doesn’t necessarily have to be Mount Everest or any other super famous mountain).



Nothing but true!

What a beautiful quote <3

I think this quote is pointing to those men who have the potential who have the confidence, who has the fire in them to change the thing, who has the motive higher then the mountains. Those are the men who can bring change!


I am with you on this one!


Thank you :) Glad to know that :)

I have done some hiking in the mountains. It is a challenging task and drains you physically and mentally. It takes more than just courage to do it and It requires continuous focus and respect for the terrain itself.

Although I have only done it as amateur and only ever climbed some small peaks in the local area but I understand the satisfaction of accomplishing a climb. When the climb is accomplished and the top is reached, your legs are sore and it is difficult to eve breath. Instead of feeling arrogant and on top of world I could only feel humble but satisfied.

I think the achievement here is not about conquering the mountain. The greatness of the act is to perhaps accomplish something like that and yet not be arrogant about it. I also thing that William Blake meant the word 'mountains' literally as well as figuratively.

That's a great quote. I love going up to the mountains, and do it as often as I can. There's just something special about going on a long hike and reaching the summit.

It is an appointment to reflect, it would be interesting to climb on-line and see everything from the height, it would be exciting

Awesome quote.
We humans have been blessed with almost everything and we should make the most of it.

Mountains are the sign of bravery and men is also creates by god to show bravery. Men and mountains look so smilar and they both are related to each others.

I always love to live in mountainous area because they are near to nature and always look beautiful once I visited mountainous area of Pakistan and I sit there for long time between mountains that was a lovely experience.unfortunately I live in plain area..I will love to climb on mountain if ever possible.

I have gone to the mountains of Mérida-Venezuela, It is a feeling of fullness, of peace, of harmony. You meditate with your interior and you realize what you are capable of, of everything you can achieve. Climbing a mountain is the path to evolution, it goes beyond the physical plane, it is the connection with your inner being, you feel part of those mountains.

very nice motivational and inspirational post @czechglobalhosts This quote truly belongs to humans will. When you have high will like a mountain you will do great things. It's all about how you perceive this world. If you think big and do hard work and show dedication you will get good success. So always think big and enjoy life. Thanks for sharing @czechglobalhosts

Excellent phrase! I could think that it is related to reaching the top following our dreams. I like to climb the mountain until I can better appreciate the landscape. I have climbed from small hills to throw myself into the sea a little higher. The last one I climbed was to go to the beach of "Cabo Negro", which can only be reached by climbing the mountain or by boat.


Love this one! It is so much true! A lot of things can happend - from a success and glory to dramatic stories and death...
Mountains are great example of pure, powerful and uncontrolled nature which can do everything with such a tiny and weak creature like human...

But as a photographer, first of all I am thinking about shots - mountain shots, traveling, hiking, experiencing the wilds, feeling of being in the high ground, looking down on the small world below...

In my case - very good memories from every mountain trek...
Some pictures can be worth more than thousand words... I hope the mood of this shot will tell You little more on the topic...