7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - South American Saturday week #40 - the absolute winner takes 200 SBD!

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Hello fellow Steemians!

Welcome to my 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - South American Saturday - where the winner of the weekly round will be able to participate for the total of 200 SBD! Today, you can participate by submitting your personal pictures from your travels to the continent of South America.

See the winner of the last week´s South American Saturday @jpphotography with the following entry:

Flamingos at Laguna Kara, Bolivia. The "volcano flamingos" enjoy the rough conditions of the Bolivian Altiplano that keep them safe from predators. Hundreds of them were gathering at Laguna Kara in front of the snow peaked Andean volcanoes.

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Your entries need to be submitted by 8 AM Central European Time in order to be considered for the challenge with a description of approximately 30 to 50 words. Only use of personal images will be accepted and only one picture can be submitted for a daily photo challenge. Ten winning photos will receive a bigger upvote from me and ten runners-up will get a smaller one.

Chosen from the ten winning entries, the absolute winner of the day will receive extended publicity in my post tomorrow morning. I will also visit his/her blog to upvote one of the most recent posts. The winning picture of the daily challenge will then automatically enter other rounds with the absolute winner gaining approximately 200 SBD in total.

Please see the winners of the previous contests of the week and give them your support if you like their images to be the one winning the weekly price and entering the other stages of the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge. You can vote for them by upvoting their winner announcement posts below:

7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Asian Sunday week #40 - winner announcement!

@viktor.phuket Asian Sunday entry:

This shot of Marina Bay Sands i took at Singapore few days ago.
Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort fronting Marina Bay in Singapore. At its opening in 2010, it was billed as the world's most expensive standalone casino property at S$8 billion, including the land cost. Camera: Samsung Note 8

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7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Australian Monday week #40 - winner announcement!

@vinceboisgard Australian Monday entry:

Waking up very earlier while the weather still cool to be right at the top of Kings park from which the view over Perth is just magnificent. It look like the sky is burning under the pink - orange coloured flames announcing another hot day.

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7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Tuesday of Antarctica and World´s Oceans week #40 - winner announcement!

@jpphotography Tuesday of Antarctica and World´s Oceans entry:

Sunset in New Zealand. This pebble beach was located just a stones throw from the campground I was staying at. The sunset from this beach on New Zealand's South Island is among the most beautiful that I have ever seen.

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7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - African Wednesday week #40 - winner announcement!

@axeman African Wednesday entry:

Rich and stunning sunrise colors at Hurghada, Egypt. Morning low waters made visible very nice sand patterns and some stones around, which made the general composition much more interesting. Wide angle lens and low shooting point.

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7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - European Thursday week #40 - winner announcement!

@photovisions European Thursday entry:

One of those places in Norway which everyone should visit and experience - the way up the mountains called Trollstiegen - south from Åndalsnes in Rauma area. 11 hairpin bends brings us up to 852 m npm. On the top we can stop by visitors center and a steel walkways with great viewpoints on the whole road and the valley - seen on the photo. Next to the road we can see big waterfall Stigfossen by the old, stone bridge. One of those places where we can see real dramatic landscape of beautiful Norway.

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7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - North American Friday week #40 - winner announcement!

@justdentist North American Friday entry:

Half Dome @ Yosemite National Park. During our honeymoon we stopped at Yosemite for 3 days. Awesome experience to visit this hilarious beautiful place on heaven earth. Nature at its best. The famous Half Dome, featured in one of the most recognized photographs ever taken by Ansel Adams, is not also a nice object to photograph but also a famous climbing stop for the best in the word.

steemit justdentist contest north america week 40.jpg
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For more information about the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge and conditions see my original post: 200 SBD 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge - 2018 guidelines – 09/05 update

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La Casa del Arbol in Banos, Ecuador

"La Casa del Arbol" is a tree house with a giant swing in the Ecuadorean Andes. Even though I got chased by dogs on my way up, it was well worth the hike from Banos for this breathtaking view!

1/160s; 18mm; f/9.0; ISO 100

I have also posted this photo on my blog.


This would be such an awesome view from the swings. Such a fun and great shot.


This would be such an
Awesome view from the swings. Such
A fun and great shot.

                 - derangedvisions

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


Wow, that is one hell of a swing!

This is probably the only mall in the world I actually like. The Larcomar in Lima, Peru is on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and at sunset you can see paragliders flying overhead. Additionally, Peruvian super chef Gaston Acurio has a restaurant in the mall.



Wow, that sure is an amazing mall!

The Dead Valley Merida, Venezuela

Legend has it that in this valley a man died as a result of the cold many years ago. That is why it is called Valle El Muerto due to his death, in addition his body is buried in that valley adorned with stones and a cross. It belongs to the Sierra de la Culata National Park of the State of Merida, Venezuela.

Valle El Muerto, Parrque Nacional Sierra de La Culata.jpg.png


What an amazing entry and stunning picture. Thank you so much for sharing.

This is the peninsula of Macanao, with its desert climate and its extensive and exuberant beach of La Restinga in the Caribbean Sea, it is a beautiful place to visit and be in contact with nature, because to walk all day on the beach without finding another person and enjoy collecting seashells, my wife loves it ....



Thank you so much for your participation and this wonderful entry. Have a great Sunday. Tomas

This imposing rocky mountain, is known as the dome.
It is a mountain composed of rocks of metamorphic origin, which is found at about 4200 meters above sea level. It presents rocks like schist and gneiss.
It is an attraction a little undervalued in my city, maybe for the distance and to be on a route, not very touristy, if not typical of hikers.
You can reach it, through a beautiful crossing in the valley of Mifafia, where we will observe numerous lagoons, moraines and peaks.


Camera: FUJIFILMS JX 200
Location: El Domo, Mifafi Valley, Merida, Venezuela.


Thank you so much for your participation. Kindly stay tuned for the winner announcement coming soon. Tomas

This image is from the Cave of the Indian in the Edo. Falcón - Venezuela. When leaving a town called Chichiriviche, you will find a magical place known as the Cueva del Indio, named for being caves with petroglyphs made by an ancient indigenous civilization that is part of the most interesting attractions within the Cuare Nature Reserve.



Thank you so much for your participation. Have a great Sunday. Tomas

The Canyon Itaimbezinho in Cambara do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil.
This is one of those places where you just need to sit and contemplate; without being busy with cellphones, apps and everyday life duties. Its vastiness make you think about the great creations of nature. I'm sure this is a part of Brazil that not many people know.
Click image to enlarge


What a wonderful piece of nature!


Thank you @czechglobalhosts, this place is indeed amazing, and this particular canyon there's a trail that follows the river on the bottom. It's called "Trilha do Rio do Boi"

Sunset with Churuata in the Gran Sabana

Atadecer en Gran sabana.jpg

Sunset with Churuata, typical of the indigenous inhabitants of the Pemón ethnic group, is located in the Gran Sabana, within the Canaima National Park, in the south of Bolívar state, Venezuela. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country, with beautiful views of rivers with wonderful waterfalls, lush vegetation and strange animals, which are only found in this place in the world.
Camera: Kool Digital

Looks like the sky is on fire. Great shot! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us.


Thanks to you Tomas, who gives us the opportunity to share and compete in your beautiful contests

This is a photograph I took in the Anzoátegui state. The landscape is a view from "El Pertigalete". Pertigalete is a locality of Guanta in the state mentioned above. As you can see the landscape is extremely beautiful and it is a pleasure to be able to observe it.


Love that sky!

Today I want to show you a beautiful landscape: Laguna El Morro. It is located on the Isla de Margarita - Venezuela. It is a beautiful lagoon accompanied by a large cactus. I had the pleasure of contemplating it for a few minutes and it was really lovely.


I sure have to make to Venezuela one day.

One of the most famous beaches of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) is Ipanema. The photo shows the beach in a sunny day where hundred or thousands of people were enjoying it. At the background of the image there are two hills, which are landmarks of the city. The one at the left is called Pedra da Gávea and the other Dois Irmãos (Two Brothers), since the two hills look like twin brothers.


Alta Gracia, in the province of Cordoba, Argentina was once a large ranch operated by Jesuits. It was also the city where Che Guevara was born and we can still visit his house.
Around the city, statues who tells the story of the town.
IMG 004.jpg


Que grande, subiendo una foto de Alta Gracia! Me voy a fijar si tengo una buena de Córdoba para poner sino creo que pongo una del sur. Saludos desde Rosario!

This is the Wanda mine, in the north of Argentina, almost on the border with Brazil, there are precious stones of every color but the most beautiful thing is the nature that surrounds it.

2017-01-23 08.23.35 1433916724839466071_771484769.jpg

Going for a walk this late in the day is tough, especially with the Pumas about. I'm in the pampas but have to get to the hills before dark. Personal photo, photo taken by human on my back. Note some of the most famous scenery in the world (of course in Patagonia, South America) in the background. Time to catch up to my friends...

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 11.06.51 am.png
Is this the most beautiful photo someone ever took of me and my friends? Maybe....

Original photo and text copyright @snowyknight
I also posted this on my blog.

The Caribbean is one of the natural paradises that the universe gave us, it can give you beautiful sunsets as powerful storms, I took this image in the university where I study, as I always say, it is a privilege to study in a place where you have these beautiful landscapes.

Fotoram.io (4).jpg

I took this picture about ten years ago on the island where I live (Margarita) on a trip I did with my father, we wanted to go around the whole island. This place is called Playa Galera, that day was not a weekend otherwise hundreds of bathers would be there.

Bay of Juan Griego Margarita island Venezuela. This bay is located in one of the most popular cities of the island Margarita in this area are the most extraordinary sunsets on the planet but this time I wanted to share this photo that shows this view of the bay in the fishing area of ​​the city. This picture was taken with my Samsung cell phone.



Yep, that sure is an amazing image. Have a great Sunday:)


thanks you too, cheers!

  • :DD


This photo was taken from a ship in the winter of 2015 at "The end of the World”, the Beagle Channel in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. This is the southern place in the world besides Antarctica. Frizzing and extraordinary place. On the horizon you can appreciate the end of the Andes Mountains.


The Mucubají lagoon lies between 3625-3655 meters above sea level in the Sierra Nevada Park, in the state of Merida, Venezuela. It is one of the largest in the region. It is believed that the name of the lagoon is due to the way it was named by the indigenous inhabitants of the region. Mucubají means in this language "site of the great water".


Nice pics friend. I upvote you.