7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge – Asian Sunday #20 – winner announcement!

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Hello fellow Steemians!

It is my great pleasure to announce the winner of 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Asian Sunday. I would like to say huge thank you to all the participants for their great entries. The number of entries yesterday was very good with high-quality images so it was extremely hard to decide on the winning one. I encourage you to check the entries as they really were all stunning.

You can see all entries and participants in this post: 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge - Asian Sunday week #20 - the absolute winner takes 200 SBD!

Please give a huge shout out to the best ten competitors for taking part in the challenge and sharing their photos and experience with all of us here on Steemit:

@borran @sheldrick5 @schmidthappens @siganossatrilha @bluebottlefilms @randypike @finance2nomad @marsell @justdentist @crazy-andy

It would be great if you can visit their blogs and appreciate their awesome photography skills with some upvotes.

However, the winner is only one and that is for me the picture posted by @finance2nomad with the following entry:

This is the Marina Bay Sands, a large and magnificent resort fronting the Marina Bay in Singapore. The resort has a large hotel, a convention center, a large shopping mall, a museum, two large theatres, several great restaurants, a skating rink and an enormous casino. On top of the complex is a large SkyPark with an infinity pool which offers amazing views of all of the Singapore bay area.

Click on the image for full view

What a great shot from @finance2nomad to start the new weekly photo challenge! I have visited @finance2nomad blog and upvoted his post called: SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry - Nature Macro - The Hairy Dragonfly (#3). @finance2nomad amazing entry from Singapore is qualifying for the weekly challenge where it will be competing against photos taken in other continents submitted over the next 6 days.

The winner of the weekly challenge will be selected by you based on the dollar value of this post and then entered to a monthly and possibly yearly challenge on the way to win the price of 200 SBD in total. You can give @finance2nomad your support by upvoting this winner announcement post.

My next challenge is coming shortly: Australian Monday. Get your pictures ready! :)


For more information about the 7 World’s Continents Photo Challenge and conditions see my original post: 200 SBD 7 World's Continents Photo Challenge - 2018 guidelines: 22/1 update

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awesome photografhy bro like yours collection great work.😊

Thank you so much for choosing me as winner of this contest, @czechglobalhosts! I am truly honored. Since I came across your contests little more than a week ago, I have been a regular participant and I have to say it is very enjoyable, as well as tough with so many excellent photographers around here :-)

Travel photographer

Great to have you onboard! Your win is well deserved, hope to see more from you in coming weeks months. Tomas

Wow great.. Nice post and great photography...i appreciate your contest..Hopefully this challenge will extend to Africa..Carry on my friend @czechglobalhosts

Thank you for your compliments! Africa is featured on Wednesdays:)....

Hello, very good day, sincerely I am delighted not only the beauty of the photography, but the contest in general. The only echo of capturing those little details that many times we overlook in a photograph and expose it in this way. It is something incredible, it is something that lets us see that beyond the simplicity of an existing, place or object hides a world full of beauty and harmony that simply leaves us without a word. Very beautiful photo, greetings to the winner and it will be a pleasure for me to support you with how much or little you can do from here. Greetings.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a positive comment. Tomas

For me it will always be a pleasure friend. I will gladly start following you.

Great entries by amazing participants..
It has been breathtaking so far..
Hopefully this challenge will extend to Africa..
@czechglobalhosts can this be possible??

Thanks @ubongj! I definitely think Africa should be featured, an amazing continent which has loads to offer. Cheers, @Finance2Nomad

Africa is on Wednesdays:)....

Damn.. Seriously??? That's amazing... Expect my entry tomorrow 🌍

Congrats @finance2nomad for winning this, Seriously Man you clicked nice picture. @czechglobalhosts Nice initiative. Other did a great job too.

Awesome photography
Well work

Very good contest
Nice shot taken....
Liked it😍

nice post. thanks.
restemeed and upvote..

Wow... such a nice shot from the winner.. And hey, going through those entries. You really had a tough one.
Australian ? Lemme see

this post very nice..and great photography...i appreciate your contest..carry on my friend!!!!!!!!!!


such a nice shot and good for the winner...nice contest

i want to congrats the winner.... all photography in steem i like so it is my pleasure.... best of luck... you sharing the most interesting post...

This photo Challenge is truly challenging... I don't think I can ever make such a nice shot.. Thumbs up 👍 to the winner..
Host! You're doing well

Amazing places all, I like it

coming shortly: Australian Monday.

good post thanks

This picture makes me want to go back Singapore
I really miss there..