Collection of some of the most amazing photos from Prague/Czech Republic submitted recently by your fellow Steemians

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Dear Steemit friends,

Let me take this opportunity to present you some of the greatest images that have appeared in my daily Prague/Czech Republic Photo Challenge in the past week.

If you are not familiar with the contest, feel free to check my blog as it is a regular daily photo challenge that everyone can join. I am collecting personal pictures of other Steemians from their visit to Prague and other locations in the Czech Republic and rewarding their effort in the form of an upvote.

Please sit back and enjoy some of the greatest recent Prague/Czech Republic submission.

Have a great weekend and keep on steeming!

entry by: @jlgc

Good morning, Tomas, I'm back with this image ..The Old Town Tower is the gateway to Malá Strana through the Charles Bridge. This medieval tower, considered one of the best examples of Gothic architecture in Europe, and in the foreground, the Charles bridge is the tourist image of Prague, it is like being in a beautifully enchanted area with the tower on one side and the castle road at the other end, always with many musicians and artists to please the visitors.I hope you like it.


entry by: @adetorrent

Saint Francis Borgia. Statue by Ferdinand Borkoff. Four days ago I was crossing Charles Bridge on the way to the Apple Museum in Prague when I noticed you could just about see the sun through the heavy mist and light clouds that were just beginning to clear up. By under-exposing my iPhone7 camera a bit, I could create a ping-pong ball out of the sun and have some fun with the statues on the bridge.


entry by: @phortun

I usually suck at night photography but I recently took a night shot that turned out quite well so I am submitting it in today´s contest. It is the St. Hedwig Church in Opava, one of the most famous works of the renowned Silesian architect Leopold Bauer.


entry by: @daveonarrival

Hiking up Praděd, the tallest mountain in the Jeseniky range north of Olomouc. Near the summit I was rewarded with views like this. It almost felt like I was staring at a giant painting because the colors and textures I was looking at just didn't seem real.


entry by: @zrphotos

Petrin Tower. It is 63.5 metres high, and 299 steps lead to its peak, which is at the same altitude as the real Eiffel Tower. The view from its top overlooks not only the whole city, but on a clear day you can see nearly all of Bohemia.

2018-10-15 05.05.12.png

entry by: @kekos

Entrance to the fifth courtyard. Sovinec is a castle situated on a cone-shaped hill located in the south-west parts of the Resov hilly region of Bruntal district, in North Moravia, Czech republic. Tue oldiest part comes from 14th century.


entry by: @bittru

The Old Town square has beautiful historic Prague buildings around it. There is also a regular market there selling local food and souvenirs. There was constantly a big crowd there, especially when getting close to the hour because that is when the clock will strike and you can watch the little statues on it get animated and the trumpeter play. Good to get a chance to visit this place during the day and once again at night. If you go there before 8.00am you almost get the place to yourself, so for photographers that would be a better time. Do make sure you go up the clock tower, I found that to be a worthwhile trip.


entry by: @miller02

The beauty of Prague Castle, Vltava River and Charles Bridge is introduced by Nodame Cantabile and several traveling programs. Even if you really look from wherever you become a picture. Although Charles Bridge is wide, it is very crowded with stalls, street performers and tourists. Prague castle seen from the Charles Bridge at night was very fantastic.


entry by: @phortun

View of a picturesque valley and a part of Hradec nad Moravici, a tiny Silesian town, as seen from a lookout spot next to the famous Hradec nad Moravici Chateau. As you can see in this photo, the autumn colors are already prevailing in the Czech countryside.

IMG_20181016_153001 (1).jpg

entry by: @impi

The ossuary of Kutna Hora is a crypt whose interior decoration is made with skulls and human bones. It is located on the outskirts of the city. If you are going by train from Prague, when you get off at the kutna hora station you have to get on the train that takes you to the center and get off at the first stop, where you find the ossuary. It is located inside the cemetery and is a small crypt where you will find small truncated pyramids made with human bones and decorations on walls and you with skulls and bones. It highlights the great central lamp and the coat of arms made also with remains of human skeletons. The entire crypt is a reminder of the brief passage through earthly life and the transition to eternal life. It really impacts since it is a very unusual view, I think there are only two sites with the same decoration in Europe. If you go with small children, beware of nightmares.


entry by: @dimiimp

We walked over to Vrtba Gardens after visiting the Wallenstein Gardens- they make a good comparison- one is level and the other is terraced. I recommend them both- they were beautiful and among our favorite stops in Prague. As you walk from the square near St Nicholas Church you have to watch carefully for the entrance, which is not obvious.


entry by: @khaan

Bohemian Switzerland. The view from top of the mountain is just amazing. We walked along the river through the forest. We spent 4.5 hours, it was worth. If you want to take a shortcut, you can; it would about 20 to 30 minutes to get to the archway view. One of the most beautiful places I have seen. Definitely should be visited.


entry by: @misia1979

If you want a 360 ° view of the city of Prague, I suggest you go up the hill of Vitkov and with not even 5 euros per family, you can climb the roof of the museum behind the national monument of Vitkov that you see in the picture and enjoy a wonderful view on the city.


entry by: @peroo

The heart of the romantic city The old town, listed on the World Heritage List, is, as the name suggests, the oldest part of the city and includes some of the most beautiful monuments in the city. It is a labyrinth of small cobbled streets, especially with the Jewish Quarter. It is also by its superb central place that became famous this district. Historical heart of the city, with its palaces, churches, houses of notables, it is still very popular and animated by both Prague and tourists. Do not miss this obligatory step of your stay and especially take a coffee or eat in a restaurant overlooking the square.


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Thanks for the shout out @czechglobalhosts - these are awesome photos from everyone here. Congrats to all.

Your photo was fabulous!

Wonderful selection as always ~ 💕 ~

Thank you so much, some amazing entries day after day, week after week.

How true ~ ⭐️ ~ Yet it surely is also the host that deserves much gratitude & praises :)

I am glad you choose my photo. Feeling good to see these!

I am glad to hear that. Keep the momentum going:)

Thank you very much for selecting my photo. Glad you like it.

Thanks a lot for mention my name.

Well deserved! Thank you so much for your contribution.

Thank you so much for selecting my photo Tomas.

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