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It's been a while that i didn't explore any new street as i always did that where ever i am, it doesn't matter what time it is or with whom i am what matter is the streets and the beauty and mystery they hold.

every street is different , every street tells you a story you just need to pay attention.

here i explore the one of the famous streets of Vancouver and believe me it feels like i am in heaven it was the most beautiful experience of my life , no hustle bustle at night , no traffic and it was so relaxing to roam here and there without any realisation that where you are ?

I am just sharing some of it with you great guys

it was so attractive

this one is of Granville Street 2017-08-22-02-40-05-592.jpg

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder (hahhaahhahaha)

another one2017-08-22-03-11-12-875.jpg

we tried to click like a professionals but as you can see we failed miserably


just tried to focus on nothing for the pic

hope you like it if you do then please comment , upvote and follow me.

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Keep it up Prabh. Nice shots!!


Thank you bhaji @mathworksheets :)