Why Travel? It's One (of many) reasons why we're here- Explore the world & new cultures for a better YOU!!

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Traveling has always been something that I have wanted my life to revolve around. I have been fortunate enough to do some traveling ever since I was a little boy. For this, I owe a huge thank you to my father.

I have been anywhere from immense tropic islands such as Jamaica and the Cyclades to vastly industrialized and technologically innovative regions which boast authentic culture and traditional flavor like Japan. There are so many places in this world that offer new experiences to those who wish to seek and take on its wondrous opportunities.

Sifnos, Cyclades, Greece

Traveling, however, is often times sought as a luxury because you have to have the time, and, not to mention, the money. Without these two important components, you might as well forget about it.

Today is really a new age; however, and people are beginning to balance the work/travel life on-the-go using social media to their full advantage. The opportunities that lie before your fingertips are ever-so-great, yet it seems only a handful of people are taking advantage of this. In my eyes, this would be the ideal life; working not from home or the office, but traveling and working on-the-go at the expense of no one, but yourself.

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

For me, traveling around the world is something that is extremely important. I believe we were put on this Earth for many reasons, of course, but we must take the time we have been gracefully granted to explore all the hidden wonders that God, Mother Nature, and those that came before us have created.

Life is too short not connect with other humans who are unlike ourselves. By doing so, it will allow us to find and resonate with any gray areas in our lives that we have been searching for, but have been unable to find. Exploring new places and experiencing new cultures we are not normally accustomed to will only allow for us to learn and to grow forward as an individual seeking to make a positive impact on this Earth.

Lugano, Neggio, Switzerland

Our planet is so immense and we don't even know a majority of what is even out there. To illustrate this point further, the ocean covers roughly 70% of the Earth's surface, yet 95% of it remains unexplored.

Can you guys imagine what is out there that we don't even know exists?

It is truly mind blowing to me, but that is one reason why we are here today- to explore and discover the unknowns of our very own celestial body.

We too can uncover aspects of our world just like our ancient ancestors did and continue to lay the foundation for generations to come. Life is just such a glorious phenomenon and we often times take things for granted.

We have to remember and realize that life is not something that is guaranteed. We have this preconceived notion that there will be tomorrow or a next five minutes, yet there is simply no evidence to prove this.


Live every moment with passion, even if it is a painful one. Use these moments, even hardships and obstacles, as an opportunity to learn and grow upward.

Live life to the fullest, we never know when it may end ~ CARPE DIEM ~

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Travel is important to me as well. I've finally accomplished working 100% remotely through my writing (not on Steem -I'm just here for fun.) To people who say it can't be done -TRY. It's can be difficult to achieve, but it's definitely possible, and 100% worth it. Now I just need to decide where to go next!


I like to hear that! I've always wanted to be a journalist, so steemit has been a great learning experience and place for me to practice my work for the time being. One day, I hope to find a job where I can travel, write and get paid doing it.

Steem on!!

To be honest it is my dream job to work/study while on the go. And I see a lot of Instagram accounts that say "You know, I am travelling and making money at the same time, you can do it too, here is the link etc.". Honestly; it sounds no different than "Exercise with this program and you will have a body like Brad Pitt's in 3 weeks" kind of thing.


You can't go wrong with a job that gives you the leisure of doing so, that's for sure. Social media marketing has become the new go to way of making money. Everyone that's not doing sees it, clicks the link and then gives into their way of selling their content and knowledge to you. Really it only takes someone to train you what to do and then the action to actually start doing it. But getting started is the hardest part..


Definitely, but it's also hard to turn your back to whatever else you have achieved in your current field until that point.

I am slowly looking for possible ways, steemit being one of them :)


most definitely, i agree. That's why I hope to obtain a job where traveling is a key component of the occupation itself. I still have a couple more years of school left, so then we shall see what kind of J.O.B. i can land.

For now, just keep steeming my friend - it has and hopefully will continue to pay off for me - and hopefully likewise :)

Cheers mate

@conradsuperb, this is the best blog on travel I have ever read. Living and traveling around places is fascinating and can change one's mind and views on so many things. Thanks for the inspirational and motivational post.


Thanks man, I appreciate that! Right on... this is what I am trying to ultimately do in life. Thanks for dropping by my guy

Steem on !