My Intro for My Fellow Steemians is Now on My Circular TIme's Youtube Channel

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Hello @suesa and all you fellow Steemians.

I am posting this to let you folks know I posted my Steemit Intro Video on my Youtube Circular Times Channel. This is to let my Youtuber subscribers know I am also on Steemit, Dtube and otherwise.

"The Day I Fell to Earth" A Summary of Brief Encounters of Daily Life on Planet Earth

Also, I will be posting on Steemit, my videos from my Youtube channel. I will also upload to Dtube. I do not want any problems with plagiarism. I am not plagiarizing myself. So....I do not know how all of this works yet with the AI bots, but I surely don't want any issues. I also have a magazine I have been publishing since 1995, that is CIRCULAR TIMES; I first hard-copied, then I went online in 1996. I think I was one of the first Magazines online and I am still pumping it out (but in my brain and social media). I got hacked really bad in 2013, and lost my XP Window Computers. I have not updated my mag since then, as I am not on Windows any more since those events, and my server is a Windows platform. I will be posting bits from my mag, Circular Times as they are not outdated in educational value; most people are not even aware of a lot of the research that is pertinent to Humans and life on this planet that has been published by not just me, but by many great esteemed Professors, Scientists, Philosophers....Artists, Musicians....etc..

I will write short articles for my interested Fellow Steemians when something hits me to write about. I like Steemit very much. I will post when I only have something I feel is of interest or I will resteem others whom I find that their articles, art, photos, music or otherwise is of interest to me, and that in the long run, are probably pretty good things to learn about or witness, or even experience as entertainment for the Masses. I also like the Underdogs, the people who really try and they do really good , but since they are not famous, no one gives a shit, and that is a shame. So, the Freaks is what I like to do....However for you Geeks out there, I do appreciate Professionals.....but, just sayin.... :)

Thank you, Colette

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Wow, bad luck getting hacked like that when you're doing well, don't seem to care who they hit; hope everything starts coming together exponentially for you, Collete. I like reading different posts, not real big on playing videos as they don't perform well on my compooper.
But, onward and upward, steem-on!


Yes, I know what you mean about compoopers....I am now on better system, where I can actually play back video and music kind of, it spins but I can get through it.... so...My internet sucks though. Cheers James :)

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