Jen's Travelogue— Dongdaemun, Namdaemun and Myeongdong Seoul

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Whats up my dear Steemit friends. I see a lot of happiness with a grin on Steemians face today. Must be the because of the Steem price surged am I right? While I am happy too, I can't wait to share my travel to the land of great entertainment and superb tourist spots, South Korea.

Whenever people go to Seoul, a must place visit is these 3 markets, Dongdaemun, Namdaemon, and Myeongdong. All these 3 markets are at the heart of Seoul city which is easy to get by just by using the impressive connected subway system. My 6 days in Seoul led me to go to these 3 places twice. It seems that my searches of things needed more time— and most of the time is because I can't decide what to buy LOL

As a tourist, it is easy to get lost therefore I use everything for help. Maps, apps, reading blogs and ask the local if we get lost.

With apps, you don't have to remember all this. I use and easy apps called ' MetroMan' which pointed where to do interchange to my destination.

Subway trains in Seoul city can be quite complicated for newbies however I'm quite used to it having tested my subway-interchange-skill at Tokyo subway. Both seem complicated, the trick is don't get into wrong colored lines and get into the right exit.

Having been in South Korea in 2009, things have not changed much dramatically. I found the people of South Korea is very friendly to tourist. Just as was last time I was there, I know that there are dedicated mobile tourist guide available at tourist spots. These young people are very helpful to tourist where they are able to speak in Mandarin, English, and Korean. I can't remember how many times I asked for help from the guides who diligently standing in the cold.

Helpful tourist guide is there to help you

Namdaemon Market- A Place for Handmade Accessories, Wholesale Retailers and Souvenirs

Namdaemun Market is the largest market in Seoul that sells almost everything. It also most famous for Malaysian as we love accessories and at Namdaemon Market, is where all the handmade accessories are made. Malaysian would buy a large bulk of accessories such as brooches, necklace, bracelet, hair pin and etc. to sell it back in our country. I am not a fan of accessories so I just observed what's going on here.

How to get Namdaemon Market.

The wholesale and retailers are close at 5 pm but the outside market that sells clothing, food and souvenirs are available at night time.

Take subway line 4 to Hoehyeon Station. Exit 5

Bulk souvenirs

Wholesale production


Dongdaemun Market - A Place Where People Seek Fashion

Dongdaemun market features a lot of shopping complexes and retailers shop selling trendy fashion clothing at an inexpensive price. With the lowest price being at 10,000 Won, you can get a bargain of clothes that is stylish to wear. I almost spend a lot here as my impulsive buying adrenaline almost overtook my consciousness but I regain my sanity after looking at my wallet and remembering why I am at Seoul— for sightseeing. They say, face your fear and I did just that Lol dramatic.

You just need to go to Dongdaemun area to walk out as a new person or looks like Korean does. Just bring some Korean Won.

How to get Dongdaemun Market.

The best part about shopping in Korea is that they close late or sometimes never close at all. Now shopping at wee hours is so much fun if you're an owl. To get to Dongdaemun,

Subway line 2 to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park station: exit #14, you will see malls like Hello apM, Migliore, Doota

Inside Dongdameun shopping market area: source

FYI I was busy window shopping forgot to take some pictures ^_~

But there's one haha

Myeongdong Market - Cosmetic, Street Food, Clothing and Everything Else

And right to my favorite place Myeongdong. A heaven for tourists especially me as my tummy growling from the coldness. Myeongdong is filled with people around the world gathered to buy something from themselves or buying for others. I went here twice, one during the day and one at night. I would say the night time is pretty crowded with people but it is the time where all the sellers are open.

With so many people, it easy to get lost and get separated from your pack so group up particularly if you have no phone connection. Beauty product from Korea is a must buy item where it is most recognized for its advance R&D. Foreigners bought a lot of discounted beauty products here and I know this because my specific items took me to 5 different shops only to know that it is sold out. Alley after alley and not more than 50m walk you would see at least 2 beauty shops.

What I enjoyed the most is the street food available here. Noted that food in Korea is not cheap. But hey, I spent on food in alternate days, having to cook at our guesthouse stay. Strawberry is a must buy. Buy buy buy. This is the only time I eat strawberry like eating chips. It is so sweet you won't make a single frown upon eating.

Ttepokki ( Rice cake in a hot sauce), grilled prawn, grilled cheese (my favorite! I ate 3 times), strawberry mochi, egg toast and all that is worth it to try.

How to get Myeongdong Market.

Seoul line number 4 to Myeongdong Station and getting out at exit #6

Myeongdong here @cikxaijen comes


I had a nutella strawberry whipped cream in the cold

Strawberry anyone?

Strawberry Mochi is recommended

I had them 3 times! one is not enough. Grilled cheese in a milk sauce

Ok let's take a break from food photos

Enough break. Here is some Grilled Butter Prawn yummmm!

Grilled Octopus

Easy Halal street food

Seoul Life

Since last time I was here, nothing dramatic has changed so much regarding the infrastructure of Seoul. Seoul is a vibrant city full of tourist and shopping places that never sleep. Youngsters entertainment is an industry of itself whereby most shopping malls targetted young adult and youngsters.

Love Celebration
Everywhere you’ve been and anywhere you look at you will see a couple. I called Seoul ‘a city of love’. Merchandise, couple shirts, couple coat and everything else is offered at the shops to couples that seeks to annouce themselves to the world. Teenage couples was barely a rare sight you can witness at Seoul. It is a great city for love.

Statement shirt Source


Being from a country who does not require you to have a winter coat/down jacket, you will be put down to earth by the fashion of the Koreans. Men are not shy to wear a fur-winter coat, it definitely looks good on them. While me? I have to layer up to 5 layers along with down jacket that makes me looks bulky.

Compared to this three much-trendier ahjumma, I rest my case.

I'm sorry Ahjumma, can I get in your group? I feel so outdated LOL.

That's all for now. I have tons others to blog about. Keep on reading oppa/lovelies!


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