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I will be on course for my long haul flight in September and I was researching whether I should take sleeping pills on my flight. If yes, what is the most common substance that I can buy? It is not that I haven’t been on long flight before; for some reason, sleeping in a flight is a problem for me.

I usually compared myself to a Panda, I can sleep anywhere like Panda. But not in a plane. Failing to get some much needed sleep while flying could have a negative impact on my trip.

I am Panda


Sleeping Pill

‘Melatonin’ pops out whenever I was reading about sleeping pills in an airplane. It reads, to avoid feeling groggy when waking up, avoid medicine that contains ‘Antihistamines’.

Most over-the-counter sleep aids contain antihistamines, which are typically longer-acting and may leave you feeling groggy.

Some facts about Melatonin
• It is actually a hormone
• Melatonin is a hormone found naturally in the body
• People use melatonin to adjust the body's internal clock.
• Melatonin is also used for the inability to fall asleep (insomnia)

My deep research brought me to this website. Suddenly it scares me. link

It said that Melatonin is

a sleep and body clock regulator – NOT a sleep initiator.

I really need some help over here. One thing about travelling which I don’t like is not being able to sleep on the plane.

Would you guys be kind enough to give me suggestion?



Valerian and chamomile can help relax the nervous system. I can sleep nearly any time, anywhere too, but planes are difficult.

aaa I like chamomile tea..... thanks

For long flights, I'll usually take a Xanax or Valium... but I'm not opposed to using a prescription drug as a tool - which is what they are.

I'll look at them both. Thanks for the suggestion!

Hi, I was introduced to melatonin by my doc. I suffer from insomnia. You are right it's not a sleep initiator, which means that you won't feel crazy drowsy soon after taking it. For that you need a prescription based sleeping pill. Xanax etc are benzodiazepines, that the body gets dependent on, over time and in that respect may prove to be dangerous. Zolpiderm is what I have been taking for the last 5 years, and it's as effective as it was on the first day. But that is a prescription based, sleeping pill, so don't just take it without a doctors say so. Same goes for xanax and Valium.

My suggestion would be to stick with melatonin, it is quite effective in flights and to counter jet lag. Many of my friends have tried it too and vouched for it. The higher potency, sleeping pills are good for those like me who have difficulty falling asleep at all. And don't worry it's not a hormone that will wreak havoc on your system, it's totally safe. If you do go for it, take the 3 mg strength. The higher potency will not make it any more effective.

Have a safe flight!

Wow! Thank you for your explanation. Well now i feel a bit relieved to take melatonin... I definitely going to take this one. Tq my friend!

Lol! No problem.. my friends tease me about being a half pharmacist. I don't know why, but I end up remembering everything, about single medication that has ever been prescribed to me. And I have been unlucky enough to require more than my fair share!

hi Jen, how long haul is long haul for your flight? Duration? Is it a direct flight or will there be a transit?
What time is your arrival there? Day or night?
I never use sleeping pills; and especially if I am in an economy flight I will go to the toilet at least once on a 7 hour flight just to move about and stretch my muscles. I do not sleep through the entire flight.
Your body is going to jet lag one way or another; with or without sleeping pills. Either way, it is ... bad... haha...
I tried with Essence of Chicken. During my both Europe trip on arrival. That helps me to actually rejuvenate and relax.
And I will force myself to either stay awake (if it is not yet dark) or sleep after sun set to reset my body clock.
Hope that helps?

Hi @littlenewthings . Total 15 hours with one transit. I know that sleeping pills sounds bad, after all it is drug lol.

essence of chicken ? that seems more natural and it is cheap hehehhe maybe I will try that, Tq for your feedback!

15 hours with 1 transit. Definitely you do not need sleeping pills girl!
And you are most welcome

lol. maybe I worry to much because last time I barely sleep my 6 hours flight. hmmm but then again I think you're right lol girl!

LOL. When are you flying @cikxaijen ? You should take the bus around in Malaysia to get used to the bumpiness.

It actually feels like that for me. haha.
Most of the time I only sleep about 2 - 4 hours per 7 hour flight and read / watch movie later. The longest time I slept was when I was flying to Australia, which I think I slept like 3 hours between meals.
You basically can't really sleep.
If you are flying on a nice flight, and I gather you are already of age, I would suggest you a small cup of champagne to help calm your nerves if you are not allergic to alcohol.

In sept. Ahahaha ohh im done taking bus in Malaysia lol. I have a motion sickness how i wish I passed out during any bus ride.

Thanks for the tip. Me not nervous, just afraid im going moody if not getting enough sleep lol!

Hey that cute avatar again .. ❤️❤️

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