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RE: The Majestic Western Ghats- A UNESCO heritage location. Why you should tour India! Part III

in #travel4 years ago

That does look like a beautiful mountain range with a lot of wildlife to offer. It's very different from the India that I saw. If I ever make it back, I'd like to visit the Western Ghats.


India is way too big for you to say that its different from the India I saw !! haha ,even we Indians have never seen India yet, most of us finish a lifetime without making it happen! Its an amazing country, do visit if you get to visit again!

That makes sense. I didn't mean to imply that I had seen all of India. I was just voicing my first impression. I only spent three weeks in India and was in the north the whole time. The Ghats just look so different than any of the scenery I saw in the north between Jodhpur and Calcutta, I was surprised. I understand, though, that I shouldn't be.

Yes thats the northwest to the east region u talking about! And i am happy that u been to India! Make sure u visit again! :)

It's in the plans for someday.

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