Is the town of "Glitter Gulch" the ugliest stretch of road in Alaska?

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Just outside the entrance to Denali State National Park is the strip-town of Glitter Gulch. There's not much to it, other than about a dusty 300 metre stretch of shops on either side of the Highway. It has been called the ugliest stretch of road in Alaska, which I think is somewhat unfair. Let me walk and talk you through my afternoon stroll in this interesting outpost town. Is it the ugliest bit of road in Alaska? I'll let you be the judge.

Firstly, let me say that this town caters for the throngs of tourists who visit the nearby Denali National Park, one of the wonders of Alaska no doubt. The park receives more than half a million visitors each year, and those visitors need amenities. Whether it is to book a helicopter flight, buy a souvenir rabbit-fur jacket or fill up the RV with gas, then you will need to visit Glitter Gulch. Also, most of the large resorts are located in the region.


Our resort was located at the top of the hill, so we had a casual walk down through the town to get to Prospector's Pizzeria & Ale House to try their amazing and unique "Deadliest Catch Pizza".

Most of the building were built from timber or logs and seemed to be plastered in signage touting the cheapest t-shirt or the best tour, but to me this added to the eclectic charm. The people were still friendly and I couldn't help but feel it was the kind of place you would see in a movie.

Compared to the rest of Alaska is this town the most beautiful? Not even close, but it serves a purpose and I left with a full belly of King Crab and some pleasant memories of my time here...You couldn't really ask for more than that.


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The mountain in the background was stunning. I don't mind a little bit of kitchie, tourist decor. Far from the ugliest stretch of road I have ever seen.


I agree.


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if it wasn't for you and steemit wouldn't even know this little piece of Alaska existed thankyou

Beautiful town on a wonderful valley! Love the coffee house!

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