Fyn - Denmark

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is an island in Denmark, which I visited a while ago. I stayed for two weeks to relax, read and of course to take some pictures ;)


This was on the first evening, it took me not even a day to fall in love with this place!


So a bit of info here: Coming from southern Germany it was quite a long drive to the border of Denmark. After the last german city Flensburg its just a short drive to a small town called "Fynshav" where you can take a ferry over to Bøjden. Our place was where the red marker is set, a lovely bay near the town of Midskov.


some local cats :)

The landscape was just great! I bought an old bicycle which is by far the best way to get around the island.

The water was quite cold, but okay for a quick swim.

My personal highlight:
An abandoned amusement park, the "Fyn Family Park"
It was pretty creepy to walk around here, but also so interesting. I even met a girl which told me she can remember being in the park 10 years ago when it was still open...must be quite a weird feeling to see it now.

The old waterslide with traffic light :D


The park was quite big, it took me almost three hours to walk everywhere and look in the hidden corners. But I left with the feeling that I still missed out a lot, maybe I've gotta go back one day, who knows? ;)

The lighthouse on the other side of the bay, I used a 300mm lens to fully zoom in and capture both the lighthouse and the rising full moon.



local fisherman at the sunset...
...he left his boat at the shore

I have NEVER seen cows at the beach, did you??



And to close this post,
a little selfportrait while having a bonfire at the shore :)

Thank you for stopping by,


all photos I post are taken by me with a Canon 6D
come and visit my profile for more photography and travel images :*


Oh my! The first pic is just soooo unreal :D

it took me not even a day to fall in love with this place!

Really it took me much less as I already want to go visit when I look through all the photos you got here.

The photos are lovely but I love all the ones with water in them the most :) So pretty!

Always wanted to visit Denmark but it's always about the budget and visa stuff. I sure will visit one day and FYN is just easy to remember so I will make sure I won't forget :)

Lovely photos, @biffboff! Many thanks for sharing.

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Whoooo, what a lovely landscapes! Congratz!

It looks amazing, we only drove right through it to get to that huge bridge over to Copenhagen. Next time we need to stop on that island.

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Really cool photos. You've got mad skillz! Your cover photo, the moon shot and that abandoned amusement park! Love em all. Thanks for sharing!

Great compositions! I'd like to do landscapes like the ones you did here.

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Stunning shots! Every image was beautiful. I now want to travel to the place 😊 You do great photography and amazing editing.