Please Stop - @bicata

You just said "great post" and in your your last 100 comments you used 49 phrases considered to be spam and you made this exact same comment 1 times. You've received 0 flags and you may see more on comments like these. These comments are the reason why your Steem Sincerity API classification scores are Spam: 59.40% and Bot: 2.80%

Please stop making comments like this and read the ways to avoid @pleasestop and earn the support of the community.

You are wrongly making these comments, but why? A person can make a similar comment to a picture video repeatedly, the profile owner does not have any problem with it. Why do you have problems Are you annoyed by all this kind of remarks, is it not spam? We are 10000 people in extra communities. I warn you, then if you see any work then I'll flag you 100000.You will not have a valid account expired.
So be careful.
You stop this spamming @pleasestop

And who are you !? And what is so wrong about my comment , sorry for asking ?!

This this fake spammer account @pleasestop

Not you.See on account of @pleasestop

First you wish you were me and second i am not going to start an argument because of unwanted opinion ! Enjoy your day !

thanks for understanding

hey @bicata, @sanjib was supporting you.
you misunderstood.
he told those things to that bot.

Okay ! Sorry about that !

it's alright.
people make mistakes.
now you understand and that's the good part.
steem on.

yeah it's so annoying.
if i like a picture and want to tell it's nice then what else should i use?
but it's really doing it's work.
this bot actually removes rewards from comments. @sanjib